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Why Do You Need Architectural Services?

Why Do You Need Architectural Services?
  26 January 2021
Written by Fairus Rizki Nurrahmawati, S.Ars

Some people may not think long before building property, get up immediately, as long as it can be occupied. This is actually fine, especially if the budget at that time was very limited so that quality was not considered. But if you think more deeply, you can actually make a property that is higher quality, more valuable, and more suitable for your life even with the same development budget. How to?

Consult with the services of a professional architect, because with the services of a professional architect, you will get a variety of important information about home design to construction, and get a design that suits your needs. If without the services of an architect, sometimes a lot of space / land space is wasted, there are narrow alleys, there is space without proper access to air and light, there is a layout error, etc.

Is that a big problem? Certain. Property or house that is wrongly planned can cause disaster and / or loss in the future. Here are the dangers of planning wrongly in building a property or house:

  1. Waste Due to Wrong Design
    This usually happens if the client only uses carpentry services without consulting the services of an architect or supervisor. Because masons in Indonesia in general (not all) have a minimum level of knowledge and education, so that they provide incomplete or incorrect calculations or information. There are also craftsmen who cannot complete the construction due to not being able to provide proper planning. Without proper planning from the professional architect, the cost of building a property can increase drastically. If the client does not have the funds "shocked", there is a high probability that the project will stall in the middle of the road, aka stalled.
  2. The occurrence of structural errors (foundation, column, beam, iron, etc.)
    If you do not use the services of an architect, it is likely that the client will implement a construction that endangers the client himself. With a careless structure, your property may not last long or even collapse when there is a slight shock. Properties designed by experienced architects will prevent various technical problems that usually occur in the field. For example, to avoid structural errors, a good architect always has discussions with experienced structural experts.
  3. Dismantling due to incompatibility of owner intent
    Without a complete floor plan and technical drawing concept, it is very risky to trigger a misunderstanding between the client and the builder or contractor or contractor. The client intends the result A the executor builds with the result B. If this happens the client only has 2 choices. Give up and lament the results or be forced to dismantle and rebuild. This is very costly time, money, and effort, far greater than the cost of using the services of an architect.
  4. Uncomfortable Property
    How do you feel if you have a house or property that is uncomfortable in terms of a haphazard and chaotic layout? Most likely you will feel uncomfortable staying long in that place or your life will be ineffective and inefficient. If you have this, want not it feel like your big investment is in vain?
  5. Ugly and Unaesthetic Property
    Do you want to build a sense of pride or shame? It depends on the client. To have a beautiful and proud home or property, clients really need help from an experienced architect.
  6. Built Expensive, Sold Not Sold
    This often happens if the client just wants to get cash flow quickly by making property quickly but planned carelessly without an architectural consultant. It is possible for clients to be given information on costs that are expensive than what they should be, however, these expensive costs are not balanced with the value generated. No matter how expensive and the size of your property investment, if the structure is wrong or unsafe, the layout is in shambles, the aesthetics is lacking or looks bad, then get ready for the property to not sell or have to be sold at a reduced price.
  7. Economical, not using the services of an architect, but wasteful renovations here and there
    You might save a few percent (the percentage of architects is usually approximately 5% of the RAB value), but properties that are built without careful planning from the architect are usually prone to causing problems. The problems that arise can erode your finances even more. Suppose there is a structural error, then inevitably you have to renovate for the safety of you and your family, the cost can reach more than 50% of the previous funds that have been spent. Is it wise to risk everything just to save a little? It is back to you.

    Try to imagine how much money is spent on building a property or house, if wrong planning, it can make big losses. Architect services may look expensive, but remember, in a design the results of an experienced architect can provide security, comfort, beauty, suitability, and investment value that is far more valuable than the investment spent using the services of an architect. A house or property with a good shape and layout is definitely valued more expensive.

    Make sure you use the services of an architect who is professional, business / legal entity, experienced, and has quality design results. If you need information about house design or other properties such as housing, shop houses, boarding houses, guest houses, villas, resorts, apartments, hotels, restaurants, spas etc. Please contact us.

Now it's your turn to make your family happy by planning House Design that is Healthy, Safe, Beautiful & Comfortable

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