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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


Emporio Architect is an Architecture Services Company that provides services in designing private houses, luxury houses, modern Balinese houses, exclusive houses, villas, residential, shophouses, boarding houses, apartments, and many more.


A. For architecture services, Clients are required to provide complete information regarding the following information:

  1. Land Location and Land Size / Dimensions (scan/softcopy of land measurement results), including Building Lines boundaries that are allowed to be built (optional).
  2. Design style or preferred House Style (Classic, Modern, Tropical, Contemporary, and other style based on Client’s request.)
  3. Spatial requirements in detail. Example:
1st Floor 2nd Floor
  1. 1 Master Bedroom
  2. 1 Master Bathroom
  3. 1 Master Bedroom’s Walk-in Closet
  4. 2 Public Bathroom
  5. 1 Maid Room
  6. 1 Maid Bathroom
  7. 1 Living Room
  8. 2 Family Room
  9. 1 Dining Room
  10. 1 Dry Kitchen
  11. 1 Wet Kitchen
  12. 1 Storage
  13. 1 Laundry & Drying Area
  14. 4-Car Garage
  15. 2-Car Carport
  16. Swimming Pool
  1. 3 Kids Bedroom + Bathroom
  2. 1 Guest Bedroom
  3. 1 Public Bathroom
  4. 1 Study Room
  5. 1 Workspace
  6. 1 Mushola/Prayer Area
  7. 1 Movie Room/Home Cinema
  8. 1 Karaoke Room
  9. 1 Gym
  10. 1 Rooftop + Gazebo
  11. Front Balcony
  12. Rear Balcony

B. For interior services, Clients are required to provide complete information regarding the following information:

  1. Clients are required to inform the fixed layout of the building’s design or existing building
  2. If Clients don’t have the layout or 3D, a survey is needed or hire local drafters to measure the spaces. Windows, doors, etc.
  3. Clients are required to inform the sample or the reference3s of the chosen interior model.

Compared to house designs in general, Emporio Architect’s Luxurious villa-style houses usually take time about:

  1. House Architecture Design: 2-6 months (depending on the number of revisions from the clients since the revision is unlimited)
  2. House Interior Design: 2-3 months (2 revisions max)
  3. House Architecture + Interior Design: 4-8 months
  4. Hotel, Resort, Apartment, Elite Residential, and Other Commercial Property Designs: 4-12 months

Emporio Architect, since many years ago, has been used with the virtual meeting protocol, which means the whole designing process in any country in the world can be finalized without face-to-face meetings. All that’s needed are E-mail and phone number.

As the year progresses, the technology also becomes more sophisticated that can be utilized, such as WhatsApp group, Telegram group, Teamviewer, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Google Hangout, and so on, which have been a huge help to support and spread our services throughout the globe 100% virtually. Clients are also given the advantage due to much advanced 3D software that’s able to give preview accuracy and realism before the building is developed.

Technology to measure the land has also become unconventional a long time ago since the theodolite is GPS-supported, which means the clients only need to hire the land surveyor services (third-party) to acquire accurate measurement results. The measurement’s result then will be submitted to the architect via E-mail or WhatsApp Messenger for further examination. It’s much easier to draw the design if the topography/land measurement data is available.

The Client can also utilize the GPS share location feature on WhatsApp, and our architect can utilize Google Maps and Google Street View to conduct a virtual survey on the exact site without actually visiting the site. The architect can also see the surroundings using a satellite. Yup, like in spy movies.

Emporio Architect provides unlimited revisions on the layout and 3D as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried if the concept doesn’t fit your desire. You can also revise it while relaxing at home or even while on a family vacation. Quite straightforward, isn’t it?


Our team of architects is able to come to the Client’s house or other places decided by the Client with extra fees (plane tickets and accommodation if out-of-town/country travel is needed). For out-of-town/country travel, the Client needs to settle the first stage Down-Payment and visitation fee. To save time, the Client isn’t required to meet directly. Simply provide all the accurate land data, with land and surrounding area images and conditions. Meetings can be arranged virtually using any app with a video call feature and Teamviewer.


Emporio Architect always welcomes a visit to one of our offices an advanced appointment.

To arrange a direct meeting appointment, click here CONSULTATION


The 3D design is in one package with the building’s layout. We don’t provide 3D design only because to create the 3D display, including the façade, it needs a layout plan that has been adjusted with the façade’s concept.


Every design already has 3D interior suggestions in multiple angles included (non-revisable). If you need revisable and detailed interior designs, we also provide integrated interior services:


  1. Interior Design Services
    1. Serving interior design for existing buildings (measurement and house blueprint required)
    2. Serving interior design for building designs created by other architecture firms
    3. Serving interior design for building designs created by Emporio Architect
  2. Architect and Interior design package (Emporio Architect + Emporio Interior) 

Hate complications? This architecture + interior package is for you


In relation with the increasing number of design orders at our firm, from early 2014, we decided to only focus on design services to further innovate the designs and features.  However, we will not only provide development services to third-party contractors for our Clients or partners but also help provide information and tips for the safest home construction supervision.


Emporio Architect does provide a pattern of payment in stages. We divide it into three stages:


  1. 30% at the 2D concept stage or floor plan (Revisable)
  2. 50% at the 3D concept stage and 3D rendering (Revisable)
  3. 20% at the technical drawing stage (Non-revisable).


  1. 50% down payment for the creation of the concept and 3D design (revisable)
  2. 50% remaining payment for the creation of technical drawing and soft render (Non-Revisable)


  1. 50% payment of the architecture design services for the 2D concept or layout (revisable)
  2. 50% payment of the architecture design services for the 2D modeling (revisable)
  3. 50% payment of the interior design services for the creation of the concept and 3D interior design
  4. 50% Payment of the interior services for the creation of technical drawing and 3D soft render, Budget Plan, and other necessities.

NB: Stages payment is not accepted for per-room interior design.


You need to inform the land measurement data and the spatial requirement in detail, such as follows:

Land area’s measurement:

15x20 (or attach the scanned certificate)


Spatial Requirements:

1 Main Bedroom, 1 Main Bathroom, 1 Walk-in-closet, 3 kids’ Bedroom, 3 kids’ Bathroom, 2 Public Bathroom, 1 Maid Bathroom, 1 Maid room, 1 Guest Bedroom, 2 Living room, 1 Dinner room, 1 Dry Kitchen, 1 Wet Kitchen, 1 Warehouse, 1 Laundry Area, 1 Dry Area, 1 Study room, 1 Workspace, 1 Mushola or prayer area, 1 Karaoke or Movie room, 1 Fitness/Gym room, 1 Rooftop, 4 Car Garages, 2 Carports, Stairs, Front Porch, Backyard, Front Balcony, Rear Balcony, Swimming Pool/Pool deck, Fish Pond, and others.


Our architect will create a sketch that calculates the estimated land area and spatial requirements optimally.


If you choose architecture + interior services, yes, you will receive the 3D exterior:

  1. At stage 2, you will receive 15-50 3D exterior View of the initial Model (not the final render)
  2. At stage 3, you will receive 1-5 final 3D exterior view (smoother as seen in this website)

If you choose interior services only, the 3D exterior is excluded.

  1. If you choose Architecture services only, yes, you will receive 3D interior suggestions (non-revisable, interior technical drawing is excluded, material details and sizes are excluded). The 3D interior will be created to match the exterior style of your choosing
  2. If you choose Interior services only, yes, you will receive the 3D interior that can be revised, along with the interior technical drawing that comes with the material details, furniture sizes, and the Budget plan.
  3. If you choose Architecture + Interior services, yes, you will receive the 3D interior that can be revised, along with the interior technical drawing that comes with the material details, furniture sizes, and the Budget plan.

The sample of the 3D interior can be seen here:



1. If you choose architecture services or architecture + interior services, Emporio Architect services already include Structural plans created by structural experts as follows:

  1. Foundation and Sloof Plan
  2. Column Plan (each floor)
  3. Beam and Ring Beams Plan (each floor)
  4. Ring Beams Plan on Roof
  5. Portal
  6. Steel Reinforcement Details (Sloof, Beams, Columns)
  7. River Stone / Natural Stone Foundation Details
  8. Footplate / Borepile / Piling Details (adjustable)
  9. Slab Details
  10. Other necessities based on the design

2. If you choose interior services only, structural plans are excluded.



1. If you choose architecture services or architecture + interior services, Emporio Architect services already include standard electricity and piping plans as follows:

  1. Lighting Points
  2. Sockets Points
  3. Lightswitch Points
  4. AC Points for each floor
  5. Clean Water Installation Plans
  6. Dirty Water Installation Plans
  7. Rainwater & Wastewater Installation Plans
  8. Cold Water Installation Plans
  9. Hot Water Installation Plans (if available)
  10. Septic Tank Details
  11. Infiltration Details
  12. Other necessities

2. If you choose interior services only, electricity and piping plans are excluded.


Yes, Emporio Architect services already include a Budget Plan.

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