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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Emporio Architect does provide a pattern of payment in stages. We divide into three steps below:

  1. 30% at the 2D concept stage or floor plan (can be revised)
  2. 50% at the 3D concept stage and 3D rendering (can be revised)
  3. 20% at the technical drawing stage (without revision).

In connection with the increasing number of design orders at our company, from early 2014, we decided to focus on design services to further develop designs and features.  We will not only provide development services to contractors (third parties) of our clients or partners. Our team also helps provide information and tips for home construction supervision to make it safe for you.

An average design is done for 2-5 months (private house / residential/private villa), 2-6 months for residential designs, exclusive villas, boutique hotels, and commercial buildings per unit, 6-12 months for designs Hotel and Resort Complex. It is because Emporio Architect gives freedom to revision during the stage of making the floor plan and making 3D until the Client gets a satisfying design.

Emporio Architect is an Architect Services Company. We provide services in designing villas, private houses, luxury homes, modern Balinese houses, exclusive homes, housing, shop houses, boarding houses, apartments, and many more.

Ordering Procedure and Stages of Payment can be seen at:

Prices and Procedures Menu and Consultation Menu

You provide complete information regarding the following information:

1. Land Location and Land Size / Dimensions (scan/softcopy of land measurement results), including Building Sempadan Lines (boundaries of land allowed to be built) if known.
2. Design style or preferred House Style (Classic, Modern, Tropical, Contemporary, and other style based on client request.)
3. Budget Plans for Buildings, this is optional as an architect estimation so as not to over budget.
4. Details The space requirements are as detailed as possible. Example: 1 Main Bedroom, 1 Main Bathroom, 1 Walk-in-closet, 3 Child Bedroom, 3 Child Bathroom, 2 Open Bathroom, 1 Maid Bathroom, 1 Maidroom, 1 Guest room, 2 Living room, 1 Dinner room, 1 Dry Kitchen, 1 Wet Kitchen, 1 Warehouse, 1 Laundry Area, 1 Dry Area, 1 Study room, 1 Working Room, 1 Mushola or praying room, 1 Karaoke or Movie room, 1 Fitness/Gym room, 1 Rooftop, 4 Car Garages, 2 Carport, Stairs, Front Terrace, Rear Terrace, Front Balcony, Rear Balcony, Swimming Pool, Pool deck, Fish Pond, and many more.


  1. 2D Floor Plan Concept (2 Dimensions)
  2. 3D Modeling Concepts (3 Dimensions)
  3. Draft 3D Render Visualization Image (20-50 view)
  4. Fine Render Visualization Image (Visual Final)
  5. 3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video (duration +- 2 minutes)
  6. BoQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building
  7. Architectural, Structure & MEP Technical Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing): 

    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan and many more *(for buildings with two or more floors)
    3. Facade / Front View
    4. Back view
    5. Right-side view
    6. Left-side view
    7. Sections
    8. Ceiling Plan (each floor)
    9. Floor Pattern Plan (each floor)
    10. Keys Frame Plan (each floor)
    11. Frame, Window, and Door Detail
    12. Stairs Details & Stairs Structures
    13. Fence Details
    14. Main Bathroom Details
    15. Foundation and Sloof Plan
    16. Column Plan (each floor)
    17. Beam and Ring Beams Plan (each floor)
    18. Ring Beams Plan on Roof
    19. Portal
    20. Steel Reinforcement Details (Sloof, Beams, Columns)
    21. River Stone / Rock Stone Foundation Details
    22. Footplate / Borepile / Piling Details (adjustable)
    23. Slab details
    24. Pool Details (if available)
    25. Lighting Points, Sockets, Switches, and AC Points Plan for each floor
    26. Clean Water, Dirty Water, Rainwater & Wastewater Installation Plans
    27. Cold Water & Hot Water Installation Plans (if available)
    28. Septic Tank Details
    29. Infiltration Details

Items that not included (Addressed for Third Party Services):

  1. Licensing Management Services & Making BoQ
  2. Topographic Measurement Services (with theodolite)
  3. Groundwater Test Services (Cone Penetration Test / Cone Penetrometer Test)
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