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Refund and Product Return Policy

A. Product Exchange and Return Policy

Clients are welcome to submit product exchange, return, or re-shipment if the product the clients received is defective or the product received is disparate from what was ordered within 48 hours since the product is received.

Product Return Policies:
  1. If the clients received a different product than what was originally ordered, contact our Customer Support immediately at +6282146847758 or E-mail to to submit a product exchange or return by informing the Client Name and Project Name, product received date and the detail of the product that wants to be exchange or return.

  2. The submission should be submitted within 48 (forty-eight) hours since the product has been received by the Clients.
    The categories of the acceptable product exchange or return are as follows :
    - Defected product due to faulty production
    - Mistakenly shipped the wrong product
    - The product received is not the product ordered

  3. Once the submission is approved, the clients can proceed to re-ship the product that wants to be returned or exchanged in a good and clean condition as received within 7 (seven) days after the approval confirmation is informed.

  4. The product re-shipment does not guarantee the product is accepted instantly. Once the product arrives at our office, we will thoroughly check the condition and decency of the returned and exchanged product.

  5. We will inform the clients once the checking process of the returned or exchanged product is concluded within 7 (seven) business days maximum since the product is received in our office.
  6. Once the checking conclusion concludes that the product is in returnable or exchangeable condition, we will proceed to re-ship the replacement product to the clients and bear the shipping fee of the replacement Product.

B. Refund Policy

The refund can only be accepted for product or services that have been cancelled by the clients before the product, or the services is started, produced or being worked on.

Should there be any questions or complaints, feel free to contact our Customer at +6282146847758 or E-mail to

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