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What are the Benefits Offered by Emporio Architect?

1. Elevating Elite Level

You’ll be rewarding yourself an elite level status by building the most luxurious house with a high artistic value.

2. Luxuriously Elegant Display

You’ll live in a luxury house with a well-proportioned, elegant, gorgeous, and magnificent display.

3. Adopting a Spaciously Spatial Layout Concept of a Villa

You’ll be filled with the spaciousness of a luxurious Villa that minimizes partitions between rooms to create maximum relief and comfort with a permanent vibe of a Villa vacation at your home every day.

4. The Classiest Materials

You’ll have the classiest and highest quality material selections to choose from. These materials will certainly elevate the beauty level like never before.

5. Safety in the Beauty

You’ll be receiving a house plan that does showcase not only the beauty but also includes the well-planned and highly-durable structural plan that fits your land condition.

6. Optimal for Any Size of Land

You’ll obtain a design that most fits your needs and available space. Therefore, the design concept can be optimized for any size of land you’ve acquired.

Optimal untuk Lahan Kecil Ataupun Besar
7. The Coziest Interior

You’ll be handed a design plan that includes fully furnished, arranged and best placement of the interior’s furniture that fits your coziest desired.

8. Wide Openings that Invite Healthy and Bright Natural Lighting

You’ll be having a home with wide door and window openings that let natural lighting reach every area. Natural lighting will prevent your house from darkness and humidity for a healthier lifestyle for the family.

9. Hybrid Circulation

You’ll have both options, whether to utilize natural ventilation or use AC, because both features are included in one concept. The doors and windows can be open as wide as possible to blend in harmony with nature and can be closed shut to protect you from pollution and annoying insects during nighttime.

10. Everlasting World-Class Style

You’ll be acquiring the most luxurious and elegant house display to match your taste and personality. There are several world-class style selections to choose from, including modern, classic, industrial, Mediterranean, American, tropical, and so on.

11. Full Facilities

You’ll be getting a building plan with full facilities based on your needs and wants, including a service area, public spaces, private spaces, additional spaces and entertainment spaces.

12. Stages Payment

You can proceed the payment in stages based on the design package ordered to keep you in control of your expenses.

Pembayaran Bertahap
Revisi sampai Puas
13. Unlimited Revision

You’ll be privileged with free revision on layout and 3D until approved for the perfect design for your family and yourself.

14. Multi-Layered Quality Control

Emporio Architect is all about teamwork, and every aspect is handled by a professional division of expertise. Therefore, every division has a multi-layered and thorough quality control to minimize errors in the design.

Quality Control Berlapis
15. Implementation Guaranteed

You’ll be guaranteed that the design can be implemented because it already includes every technical drawing necessary.

16. Free Consultation & 100% Virtual From Anywhere

You and your whole family can discuss and collaborate with our team of architects in planning the design without the need to think about distance, time, and traffic problems because the service can be held 100% virtual.

Gratis Konsultasi
Include Gambar Denah 2D
17. 2D Layout Included

You’ll be receiving a layout concept that will be created based on your space necessities with free revisions and created using the latest 2D software.

18. 3D Model Included

You’ll also be receiving a 3D model of the building created based on your preferred style, free revisions, and created using the latest 3D software.

Include Gambar Model 3D
Include Gambar Teknis Arsitektur
19. Architecture Technical Drawing Included

You’ll be provided an architecture technical drawing that elaborates the details of layout, section, stairs, frames, doors, windows, ceilings, gate plan and other necessities to add the aesthetic and spatial arrangements for the better.

20. Electrical Plumbing Technical Drawing Included

You’ll be obtaining an electrical plumbing technical drawing that elaborates the plans of Lamps points, AC points, sockets, light switches, clean water installation, wastage water installation, rainwater installation, septic tank/ bio tank details, ground tank, control box & bio pore, lightning rod and other utilities.

Include Gambar Teknis Elektrikal Plumbing
Include Gambar Teknis Struktur
21. Structure Technical Drawing Included

You’ll be getting a structure technical drawing that elaborates the foundation layout, steel reinforcements, concreting, beam piling, gridding, steel structuring and other details to strengthen the building’s sturdiness and safety.

22. Get The Budget Recap

You’ll also be created a budget recapitulation that can be used as an estimation in hiring a contractor for the development.

Bonus RAB
23. Exterior Visualization Included

You’ll also be experiencing an exterior visualization as an image to capture the building display from the front to the back before it’s even built.

24. Bonus Suggest 3D Interior Visualization

You’ll be experiencing an Interior visualization for several rooms to capture the room’s atmosphere before it’s even built.

N.B: The 3D Interior suggestions do not include detailed interior/furniture drawings. Should clients need a detailed and revised interior design, it is much better to order the whole interior package House Design Services + Interior Design Services.

25. Bonus 3D Video

You’ll be enjoying a beautifully crafted 3D video of the exterior and interior in the last stage as an additional bonus.

26. Printed Design and a Softcopy Included

You’ll be owning a 1-volume A3 design print with a USB flash drive that contains the design softcopy.

Include Print Out dan Softcopy
Coordination Assistance During the Development
27. Coordination Assistance During the Development

Although you have received the technical drawings based on the scope of our professional expertise, during the course of the development, our architects and civil experts will be available for coordination assistance until the development is finalized to ensure the project is a success.

28. An interior Design Service is Available

If you need a more detailed and revisable interior service, we also provide an interior service that has been integrated into the architecture design plan for a more optimal and suitable result with the design plan.

NB: Additional Charge

Jasa Desain Interior Detail Tersedia
Smart House Ready
29. Smart Home Capable

You’ll be able to demand or upgrade your home with a smart home system at ease, which includes automatic scheduling for the drapes, lamps, AC, etc. You can also upscale the security level using a smart door lock and CCTV that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

NB: Additional Charge

30. Feng Shui Compatible

You can combine and apply a modern Fengshui with the design plan. We provide a certified Feng Shui Master partnership that has been globally recognized if needed.

NB: Additional Charge

Fengshui Compatible
Jasa Pengawasan Pembangunan Tersedia
31. A Supervising Service is Also Available

You can also hire an intensive supervisor if needed, whether using a lump-sum or cost-and-fee system. There are a lot of advantages offered using a cost-and-fee system that you can discuss with our team of supervisors.

NB: Additional Charge

A house is the most important place to be with the family. Your life will circle around the house as it is a place to plan every other journey you’ll start.

Make sure your house is planned flawlessly without errors. Reach out to Emporio Architect’s Customer Service and start planning your dream house right away.

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