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9 7 3  designs that have been completed until   17 01 2021
  Mr. Joni Classic House 2 Floors Design - Padang
Building Area 1033 m2 , Front Width of Land 36 m
100% Completed Online 
  Mr. Teddy Modern House 3 Floors Design - Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Building Area 890 m2 , Front Width of Land 20 m
  Mr. Human Classic House 1 Floor Design - Bondowoso, Jawa Timur
Building Area 876 m2 , Front Width of Land 47.95 m
100% Completed Online 
  Mr. Hendra Classic House 2 Floors Design - Medan
Building Area 1190.54 m2 , Front Width of Land 18.95 m
  Mr. Calvin Classic House 3 Floors Design - Jakarta
Building Area 1328 m2 , Front Width of Land 20 m
  Mr. Andre Modern House 2 Floors Design - Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Building Area 815 m2 , Front Width of Land 15 m
  Mrs. Ines Classic House 3 Floors Design - Jakarta
Building Area 967 m2 , Front Width of Land 17.5 m
  Mrs. Susana Classic House 3 Floors Design - Tangerang, Banten
Building Area 867 m2 , Front Width of Land 15 m


Welcome to the Emporio Architect website. We are an architect consultant that provides professional architectural services for private and commercial building designs. Our services offer the creations of luxury or exclusive villa design, residential design, luxury home design, apartment design, hotel design, resort design, restaurant design, spa design, and many more. We also provide architectural services of Balinese tropical villa, modern minimalist design, classic house design, luxury Mediterranean design, and many more regarding to our clients' requests. We offer architectural services to most regions of America, Australia, Europe and ASIA including Architect in India, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Turkey, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Philippine, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Maldives, United State of America, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and European Union.


Properties that include a house or commercial building is a long-term investment and has a very high value. Without proper planning, it can cause huge losses and even lifelong regrets. Do you want to know what would happen if you do not wish to use the service of an architect? For more information, click on Why Do You Need Architectural Services? Then, why do you need to choose Emporio Architect? See the reasons below.

1. Elegant Tropical Style

Tropical style is a style that suits those that live in tropical and subtropical countries who want every room to be spacious and have minimal partitions. You can choose 4 of Emporio Architect’s distinctive Tropical Styles that have great taste and elegance combined with various favorite styles in the world. We add a touch of tropical Emporio Architect’s exclusivity in every form which has become a preferred style. You can also give a new touch of style that is tailored Emporio Architect’s own. Here are 4 of the best styles from Emporio Architect.

2. Experienced with more than 973 Projects

Since its founding in 2006, Emporio Architect has designed hundreds of projects, both luxury home designs and commercial buildings. Of course, from hundreds of these projects, Emporio Architect gained an essential experience to provide a perfect design. You can see our portfolio design at the link above.

Mrs. Fei Fei Modern House 3 Floors Design - Bandung, Jawa Barat
Building Area 445 m2 , Front Width of Land 15 m
15 January 2021  100% Completed Online  
Mr. Fazlur Villa Bali House 3 Floors Design - Bangladesh
Building Area 780 m2 , Front Width of Land 22.95 m
15 January 2021  100% Completed Online  
Mr. Wijaya Modern House 3 Floors Design - PIK, Jakarta
Building Area 800 m2 , Front Width of Land 17 m
14 January 2021 

3. Using Realistic 3D Technology

Three-dimensional image (3D) is a visualization of building in three dimensions X, Y, and Z, so that we can understand the form, perspective, and detail of the building. If there is "something wrong" in the 3D image, you can still revise them without spending extra cost of building constructions. Can you imagine of realizing the shortcomings or deficiencies when the building is already finished and how much will it cost to renovate or fix your building. Three-dimensional (3D) is very important as a reference in the implementation of design in the construction phase, both for the construction team and the client.

Emporio Architect provides a very realistic three-dimensional design with precision scale and size. It will help you in understanding the exterior and interior building better. As a result, you will get a unique home design, a combination of art and math.

4. Free 3D Interior Suggestions

In designing Spacious and Cozy Home, Emporio Architect also provides furnitures posisition in floorplan for plan-making stage so that from the beginning, you will understand the furniture's position. We also provide Free 3D Interior Suggestions at the final stage of the design as a special bonus for you. This 3D Interior Suggestion can help you as a guide in buying a variety of furniture that fits with the exterior style of the building. This 3D Suggestion without furniture detail drawing and also without revision.

5. Design are guaranteed can be implemented

With our previous experience as a construction service, we have a good understanding of the technical ins and outs of development and all the problems that commonly occur in the field. In designing, we also always consider various technical things in the process. One of the most important is the correct structural drawings. Each of our Designs will be equipped with structural drawings created directly by experienced Structural Experts. We guarantee that the designs we produce are 100% buildable.

6. Fine Home Philosophy, Touch of Bali Villas in Your Dream Home

Since its establishment in 2006, Emporio Architect has always focused itself on developing the philosophy of 'Fine Home.' This philosophy is based on our desire to provide living standards that offers:

  1. Self-pride for Home Owner

    For us, home is more than just a shelter, home is your personification and how other people see your character as well as your achievements. Do you want to be seen as a person who doesn't have any taste? Or do you want to be seen as a person who has good taste? As we know that good taste is not always related to high prices, but the ability to create something with high value, elegancy, and understand the meaning of comfort in a home.

  2. Comfort for Home Owner

    We adopt the styles of Balinese villas that are widely in existence in Bali (where we were born and studied), where comfort and peace are the absolute goals of certain residential design.

7. Unique Concept of Elegant Design "Modern Bali Tropical"

Our majority designs have the concept of 5 main elements: Light, Stone, Metal, Water, and Wood. We always try to provide access to natural light into every room to avoid moisture. We also use the lighting arrangement to decorate where we generally prefer to use the color of a candle flame (orange) for outdoor lighting. This arrangement will brighten up your night so that it has a great and elegant taste like a resort. We also give a touch of natural stone usage in harmony with the design plan, supported by a strong structure of metal elements with the safest standards. This technique will make the building more sturdy. We also use water elements such as swimming pools, fish ponds, outdoor showers, fountains, water showers, and many more. The type of water element is according to your situation and desires because property with the water element undoubtedly has a higher investment value. We have arranged many windows to open as air access points to each room so that air circulation can be smooth and prevent air from settling. The next element in our concept is wood, both in the use of building materials and in gardening arrangements to make it aesthetically pleasing and soothing.

The next concept is "Balance and Harmony." In our design, if the land and the situation is on our side, we don't just draw but also design a "Harmonious Life." We will always provide optimal composition & arrangements to make your life more productive, more harmonious, more comfortable and even more romantic. For example, we reduce the barriers/partition of public spaces to make a spacious and integrated room, so social relations with family become more intimate in one big area. The combination of these two concepts will always create good energy that will continue to push you to achieve more goals in your life.

8. Professional, Educated and Experienced Team

We are a team, synergizing and backing up each other in creating solutions to any problems. Every client will be involved in Whatsapp Group consisting of our Main Principle, Second Principle, Head Architect, and Architect. It means that 4 Architects will be contributing in 1 project. In WhatsApp group, there is also Customer Care if you want to give feedback or complaints. The Architect Team are graduates from top universities and colleges with the right knowledge base. Also Supported with more than 12 years of experience in designing hundreds of private house buildings, villas, apartments, to hotels. With a commitment to always providing quality and professional services, Emporio Architect is the right choice to provide you a lifetime of satisfaction.

9. Design Based on Budget (according to the Budget)

If you have restrictions on development funding, we can create a design that is within your budget. With this feature, our architects will always estimate the design as optimal as possible with the existing budget, so the budget of the building will not to far exceed the funding limits. This feature is beneficial if you want to realize a design soon with a specific budget.

10. Design Based on Demand (as Requested)

If you're going to make a design on demand without funding restrictions, you can use this feature. Our architects will also give maximum design results in return. The on-demand design system is suitable for those of you who have a large area and prioritize maximum design without thinking about the budget. As long as you don't have any worries about the budget, this feature is automatically activated.

11. Better Standard Of Procedures

We provide clear service standards starting on how to ordering architectural services, design procedures, design costs or price list, stage of payment, what items are included and excluded, and many more. There are no hidden charges.

12. Online Consultation via Video Call & Team Viewer

We provide online and direct consultation features. Direct consultation (meet up) can be held directly at your home with additional visit fees, flight tickets, and accommodation for areas outside the City of our office. We also can meet in our office in Bali, Jakarta, or Bangalore-India. We also provide online consultation features via telephone, WhatsApp, and TeamViewer for those who are very busy or abroad so that you can save costs, time, and energy. The majority of our clients do not need a direct meeting, thanks to advanced technology that’s supported our business today. Architect and Clients as well as Client's Family or Business Partner can discuss, consult, send pictures, revise, and even collaborate in designing without thinking about the traffic. Of course, a lot of time and costs can be saved. In making designs, Architects will limit the number of clients due to limited resources, make sure you are booking our service now.

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Always make sure you choose a qualified and experienced professional architect to plan your building designs for safety, comfort, and satisfaction to increase the value of your investment. We always strive to be the best architect service in designing various buildings by providing home design services, luxury home design, apartment design, luxury villa design, cottage design, condotel design, hotel design, resort design in all regions of India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Nepal, Timor-Leste, South Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Australia, UEA, USA, UK, EU. If you want to ask questions or consult about architectural services for a good and quality home/villa design at the excellent price and the most refreshing style, please contact Emporio Architect's office services address in India, in Jakarta or Bali or through the consultation & booking form.