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 1 December 2022

Welcome to the Emporio Architect website. We are an architect consultant that provides professional architectural services for private and commercial building designs. Our services offer the creations of luxury or exclusive villa design, residential design, luxury home design, apartment design, hotel design, resort design, restaurant design, spa design, and many more. We also provide architectural services of Balinese tropical villa, modern minimalist design, classic house design, luxury Mediterranean design, and many more regarding to our clients' requests. We offer architectural services to most regions of America, Australia, Europe and ASIA including Architect in India, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Turkey, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Philippine, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Maldives, United State of America, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and European Union.



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Properties that include a house or commercial building is a long-term investment and has a very high value. Without proper planning, it can cause huge losses and even lifelong regrets. Do you want to know what would happen if you do not wish to use the service of an architect? For more information, click on Why Do You Need Architectural Services? Then, why do you need to choose Emporio Architect? See the reasons below.


Icon & Status Eliteness
Luxuriously Elegant Display
Spacious Spatial Layout
High-Class Materials
Safe Structure
Optimal for Small and Big Land
Cozy Interior
Bright Natural Lighting
Uninterrupted Circulation
Style Durability
Complete Facility
Smart-System Capability
Feng Shui Compatibility
Budget Adjustability
Step-by-Step Payment
Revise Freely
Quality Control
Implementation Guaranteed
Free Consultations
2D Layout Included
3D Modeling Included
Architectural Technical Drawing
Plumbing-Electrical Technical Drawing
Structural Technical Drawing
Bill of Quantity
Fine Render Visualization (Interior)
Fine Render Visualization (Exterior)
Free Exterior & Interior 3D Video
Design A3 Printout & Soft Copy
Design Coordination Service During Construction
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1. More than 1323 Portfolio
Video Testimonial Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Ferza

Emporio Architect has been established since 2006, during the 16 years Emporio Architect does not only focus on design but also innovates systems and resource management. So that human resources, equipment and systems used are increasingly effective and of high quality.

The number 1323 of designs that have been completed by Emporio Architect both domestically and abroad shows consistency and continuous focus of Emporio Architect in providing maximum service.

Clients who repeat orders and recommend Emporio Architect to their relatives and colleagues become effective marketing, where their testimonials can be found in Full Testimonial.

It is time for you to give happiness and a sense of comfort to your family, with designs done by an experienced team and a reliable system from Emporio Architect.

2. The Philosophy of Fine Home, a Touch of a Luxury Villa in Your Dream Home
Desain Villa Ruko Pak Yan

Since its establishment in 2006, Emporio Architect has always focused itself on developing the philosophy of 'Fine Home'. This philosophy is based on our desire to provide housing standards that provide:

Pride for it's residents.

For us, home is more than just a shelter, home is the personification of you, the way others see your character and achievements. Do you want to be seen as a self-made person? Just over? Have no taste? Or do you want to be seen as a person who is tasteful (good taste is not related to high prices, but the ability to create something of high value), elegant and understands the meaning of the comfort of a home.

Convenience for it's users

A comfortable home is a manifestation of your love and care for your family. We adopt the styles and styles of villas that are common in Bali (where we were born and studied), where comfort and peace are the absolute goals of a residential design.

3. Concept of Balance and Harmony
Desain Mushola

In our design, if the land and the situation allow, we don't just draw, but we design a "Harmonious Life" that can enhance a harmonious relationship with God, Man and the Universe. You will find significant luxury, whatever your beliefs.

Emporio Architect will always provide optimal space composition arrangements to make your life and your family more effective, more harmonious, more comfortable, even more romantic. The combination of various unique concepts will always create good energy, good energy that will encourage you to continue to achieve your brighter life goals.

4. Optimal for Small or Big Land
Mrs. Happy Classic Modern House 3 Floors Design - Jakarta Selatan

Of course, the bigger the land, the easier it is to design buildings, but Emporio Architect understands that the amount of land is getting more limited and more expensive. Therefore, our designs are not only optimal for large areas, but also optimal for limited areas. This can be done by optimizing the vertical zone or upward development while still offering the elegant look and feel of a luxury villa in your residence. Our spatial arrangements are designed in such a way as to be spacious, functional, elegant and comfortable.

5. Consulting and Design Process Can Be 100% Online
Video Virtual Meeting

Emporio Architect provides consulting services for architectural services online as well as with direct meetings at offices in Bali, Bandung, Jogja and Jakarta or at your places throughout Indonesia with additional visit costs.

We recommend online consultation via whatsapp group and video calls for those of you who want to be simple, economical and practical. The majority of our clients don't need in-person meetings thanks to very supportive technological advances. The Architect Team and you and your family can discuss & collaborate in designing buildings without thinking about distance and traffic jams.

6. Typical and Elegant Style

Emporio Architect's Tropical Style is perfect for those of you in tropical and subtropical countries who want a spacious, bright and minimal space. You can choose from a variety of Emporio Architect Style Tropical Styles that have high taste and elegance combined with various refined world favorite styles.

7. Unlimited Revision Free

At the stage of making plans and 3D Modeling, Emporio Architect provides freedom of revision as long as it is in accordance with architectural principles and safe structures. You are given the flexibility to make logical changes as long as it is not changes such as moving land / changing land size. So that even without a meeting, you will still get a satisfying design version.

8. Using Realistic 3D

A three-dimensional (3D) image is a three-dimensional visualization of the appearance of a building, so that we understand together how the shape and appearance of the building before execution. If there are deficiencies in 3D images, you can still fix them without paying additional costs, try to imagine if you only realized these deficiencies or mistakes when the building was standing, how much it would cost to demolish your building.

Three-dimensional (3D) drawings are very important to be used as a reference in the implementation of finishing the construction, both by the contractor team and the interior team, so that there are no visual misunderstandings between the client and the contracting team and the interior team.

Emporio Architect provides a very realistic three-dimensional design with precision scale and size, thus helping to understand the appearance plans of buildings both exterior and interior. You will get a special home design, a combination of accurate calculations and artistic art.

9. The design is guaranteed to be constructable

With our previous experience in construction services, we understand the technical intricacies of construction and all the problems that usually occur in the field. So that in designing, we also always consider various technical things in the process. We strive to use techniques of enhancing aesthetic value (beauty) without complicating structural parts that are prone to failure.

Therefore, each of our designs will always be equipped with structural drawings made directly by experienced structural experts. We guarantee that the designs we produce are 100% buildable.

10. Professional, Educated and Experienced Team
Tim Emporio Architect

Emporio Architect is a team, synergize and back up in creating solutions to problems whether they are currently or will be faced in designing a building. Each client we create a Whatsapp Group consisting of Main Principle, Second Principle, Head Architect, and Architect (There are 4 Architects who contribute in 1 Project). In addition, in the whatsapp group there is also Customer Care if you want to provide criticism and suggestions or complaints).

The Architect Team consists of University and College graduates with the right knowledge base and years of experience. So with a commitment to always providing quality and professional service, Emporio Architect is the right choice to give you life-long satisfaction.

11. Desain Based on Budget

If you have limitations in development funding, we can make a design that is closer to the budget. Our architects will always estimate the design as optimal as possible with the existing budget, so that it doesn't go too far beyond the planned budget limit. This is very helpful if you want to realize a design with a certain budget or gradually, so as not to waste excessively of your current financial capacity. However, because the layout that is not optimal will be difficult to repair in the future, we still recommend maximizing planning, because even though your planning can be over budget , the design can still be built in stages (structural, basic finishing , then the final finishing can then be continued -- Good Things, Take Time ).

12. Desain Based on Demand

If you want to make a design on demand without any development funding restrictions, you can use this feature. Our architects will also provide maximum results in the planned design. A system with based on demand is suitable for those of you who emphasize maximum spatial layout with the best choice of materials. As long as you are not talking about budget issues, this feature will automatically activate.

13. Include Structural Drawings

Structural drawings are very important as a fundamental image in a building. Without structural drawings, architectural drawings will not be applied correctly and even tend to endanger residents. Therefore, we do not separate architectural drawing packages with structural drawings in order to appear cheaper.

Even though it makes the costs higher and the processing time much longer, this is for the safety of our clients. The images that you will get have obtained structural drawings made directly by Experienced Structural Experts based on land sondir data. The safety of your building is of utmost importance.

14. Include Pictures of MEP Occupancy Standards

You also get pictures of light points, switches, sockets, ac points, clean water installations, dirty water, rainwater, waste water, cold water, hot water, septic tank, to infiltration.

15. Include the calculation of the BOQ

After all the drawings have been worked on, you will also get a BOQ (Bill of Quantity) calculation at the final stage as a prediction for building prices according to the volume of the building and the materials used. This BOQ can also be used as a document for an executing tender (construction service auction).

16. Include Suggest 3D Interior

In addition to designing the Spatial and Exterior Layout, Emporio Architect also provides furniture layout arrangements during the making of the floor plan, so that you understand the position of the furniture from the start. We also provide 3D Interior Suggestions at the final stage of a special design for you. This Interior Suggest can help as a guide in buying a variety of furniture that suits the theme or building style you choose.

NB: Suggest Interior in the form of 3D Interior and does not include detailed interior / furniture drawings. For those of you who need a detailed and revised interior design, it is recommended to take the package House Design Services + Interior Design Services.

17. Image Coordination Assistance During Development

During the construction period, even though we have provided complete technical drawings according to the scope of our professional expertise, our Architect Team and Internal Civil Team are ready to further coordinate during the construction process until your building is finished properly.

18. Standardized Service System

We provide clear service standards starting from the procedure for ordering architectural services, design making procedures, calculating design costs, procedures and stages of payment, drawing submission procedures, items that will be obtained by the client, what is included and is not included, etc.

We provide a fee quote from the start after your consultation and before entering the payment stage so that it gives you a clear picture of the total fee to be charged. There are no hidden charges. For further consultation, please contact us immediately.



There are many more benefits that you can get if you use the services of an Emporio Architect in building your dream house or dream house:

  • More than 1000+ Design Portfolios to serve as inspiration.
  • Buildings can be planned according to your wants and needs.
  • Buildings can be planned according to budget.
  • Your ideas can be collaborated and put into a visualization that is close to real.
  • If your idea turns out not to be implemented, it can still be revised, rather than being executed immediately in the field.
  • Room position is more organized.
  • Building style can be adjusted according to taste.
  • The shape of the building is more aesthetic or has artistic elements.
  • With a good layout and a beautiful appearance, the selling value of the building increases.
  • Can optimize the existing space / layout to make it more useful.
  • Circulation and lighting are better planned so as to make property more comfortable.
  • A well-planned building sells better if it is sold.
  • With building design drawings, you and the contractor have a reference in construction, not just a mental image, but all sizes are detailed.
  • The contractor will find it easier, faster and more accurate in calculating the RAB because all the details are clear, so that the Client can make further deals.
  • Minimizes errors when working on buildings.
  • Can be used as a guide to control or supervise the implementation team or contractors.

Make sure to always choose a professional, qualified and experienced architect to plan your building design for safety, comfort, and satisfaction as well as an increase in investment value.

We always strive to be the best and most desirable architectural services in designing various buildings by providing home design services, luxury homes, apartments, housing, luxury villas, cottages, condotels, hotels, resorts, etc. .

Emporio Architect serves all parts of Indonesia including in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek), Banten, Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Palembang, Padang, Aceh, Medan, Batam, Riau, Samarinda, Balikpapan , Pontianak, Nusa Tenggara, Mataram, Lombok, Makassar, Sumbawa, Kupang, Jayapura, and so on. to overseas, such as Timor Leste, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India etc.

We serve direct meetings in the Office Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung

Unlike home designs in general, Luxury Home Designs take longer. Architects who are capable and experienced in designing luxury homes and villas are also very limited. Due to limited resources, the Architect Team of Emporio Architect limits the number of daily consultations. Make sure you have booked your order before running out of slots. If you want to ask or consult about architectural services for good and quality house / villa / building designs at relatively cheap prices and the coolest styles, please contact us either via Whatsapp or through the consultation & order, right now.


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Now it's your turn to make your family happy by planning House Design that is Healthy, Safe, Beautiful & Comfortable

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