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Prices and Procedures for House Design Services

Updated on 03 January 2021

House Design Service Costs are the costs required to serve all forms of process in designing residential designs starting from analysis of size, area and shape of land, analysis of space requirements, analysis of building and space cardinal directions, analysis of light and air circulation, making building plans, spatial plans, layout layout plans for furniture zones, 3D modeling of buildings, rendering of render images, to manufacturing architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing technical drawings.

Below is information about the price / cost / fee for house design architect services, the procedure for ordering the architect services, and a description of images and services that are included in the price.


A.1. Small & Medium Size Building
Building Area Architects Design Architects Design + Interior
0-250 m2 $ 5,600 (USD)
₹ 4,05,160 (INR)
$ 10,400 (USD)
₹ 7,52,440 (INR)
251-300 m2 $ 6,400 (USD)
₹ 4,63,040 (INR)
$ 12,000 (USD)
₹ 8,68,200 (INR)
301-350 m2 $ 7,200 (USD)
₹ 5,20,920 (INR)
$ 13,600 (USD)
₹ 9,83,960 (INR)
351-400 m2 $ 8,000 (USD)
₹ 5,78,800 (INR)
$ 15,200 (USD)
₹ 10,99,720 (INR)
401-450 m2 $ 8,800 (USD)
₹ 6,36,680 (INR)
$ 16,800 (USD)
₹ 12,15,480 (INR)
451-500 m2 $ 9,600 (USD)
₹ 6,94,560 (INR)
$ 18,400 (USD)
₹ 13,31,240 (INR)
A.2. Big Size Building
Building Area Architects Design Architects Design + Interior
501-600 m2 $ 13,200 (USD)
₹ 9,55,020 (INR)
$ 25,600 (USD)
₹ 18,52,160 (INR)
601-700 m2 $ 15,600 (USD)
₹ 11,28,660 (INR)
$ 30,400 (USD)
₹ 21,99,440 (INR)
701-800 m2 $ 18,000 (USD)
₹ 13,02,300 (INR)
$ 35,200 (USD)
₹ 25,46,720 (INR)
801-900 m2 $ 20,400 (USD)
₹ 14,75,940 (INR)
$ 40,000 (USD)
₹ 28,94,000 (INR)
901-1000 m2 $ 22,800 (USD)
₹ 16,49,580 (INR)
$ 44,800 (USD)
₹ 32,41,280 (INR)
A.3. Extra Big Size Building
Building Area Architects Design Architects Design + Interior
> 1000 m2 $ 24 (USD) / m2
₹ 1,736 (INR) / m2
$ 48 (USD) / m2
₹ 3,472 (INR) / m2

Why should you use the services of a professional architect? Please find the answer here : Why Do You Need Architectural Services?

*To get a fee proposal from our Architect, please fill in the following format: Form Order or send data via Whatsapp. Then if the data is complete, a price proposal will be made complete with a concept plan sketch within 1-7 working days. If needed, Architects and Clients can conduct initial online meetings.



The client provides the required data in the form of:

  1. Land Location
  2. Land Size
  3. Your preferred House Style
  4. Development Budget Plan
  5. Details of space requirements. Example:
1 Floor 2 Floors
  1. 1 Master Bed
  2. 1 Main Bath
  3. 1 Walk in the Main Closet
  4. 2 Outdoor Baths
  5. 1 K Assistant
  6. 1 Maid Bath
  7. 1 Guest Room
  8. 2 Family Room
  9. 1 Dining Room
  10. 1 Dry Kitchen
  11. 1 Wet Kitchen
  12. 1 Warehouse
  13. 1 Laundry Room & Dry in the sun
  14. 4 Car Garage
  15. Carport 2 Cars
  16. Swimming Pool
  1. 3 Children's Beds + Ensuite Bath
  2. 1 Guest Bed
  3. 1 Outdoor Bath
  4. 1 Learning Room
  5. 1 Workspace
  6. 1 Holy Room / Mushola
  7. 1 Movie Room
  8. 1 Karaoke Room
  9. 1 Fitnes / Gym Room
  10. 1 Rooftop + Gazebo
  11. Front Balcony
  12. Rear Balcony

The Architect Team will provide a sketch plan and a design cost quote based on the estimated building area required.



The client makes Phase I payments of 30% of the total design cost for Floor Plan using AutoCad software. The plan is the most important concept in a building design because this plan will be the main reference for making 3D and technical drawings. Especially at this stage, plan revisions are welcome and are not limited. After the floor plan concept is approved, the next step is to create a 3D Model (enter stage 2).


The client makes Phase II payments of 50% of the total design cost for manufacture:
a. 3D Sketch Up version of the three-dimensional model. 3D Modeling of buildings determines building height, building shape, and building style.
b. 3D Exterior Render Image (not as clear as the final render), where the client will create 10-50 building views to present the appearance of the building and the building's exterior atmosphere.

Three-dimensional models and three-dimensional rendering images are very important in spatial planning. With 3D technology, clients who are unfamiliar with building technicalities will have a better understanding of the shape of the building both exterior and interior, so as to avoid misunderstanding between clients, architects, and contractors. At this stage, if the building does not match the shape yet, the Client can only revise the appearance.


The client makes Stage III Payment / Repayment of 20% of the total design cost for manufacture:

  1. Interior Modeling Images for each room, where the client will make 10-50 interior suggestion views to present the interior appearance, furniture position, and room lighting atmosphere.
  2. Fine Render Visual Images (Visual Final):
    1. Exterior
    2. Interior
  3. Working drawings / technical drawings required by the implementation team / contractor / contractor as a reference in the construction process:
    1. Architectural technical drawings
    2. Technical drawings of structures (foundation, refinement etc.)
    3. Technical drawings of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing).
  4. The final files that will be given are:
    1. 1 Volume Print Out A3 Technical Drawing / Working Drawing.
    2. 1 CD / DVD with softcopy of all agreed files.
    At this stage, no more revisions are allowed. If all the files according to the offer have been received by the Client, the Design stage is declared complete and the Client is ready to make a tender or use the contractor services of your choice.



C.1.1. 2D Plan Concept (2 Dimensions)

Architect Services Konsep Denah


C.2.1. 3D Modeling Concept (3 Dimensions)

Architect Services Konsep Modeling 3D

Architect Services Gambar Visual 3D Exterior


C.3.1. Fine Render Visual Images (Visual Final)

  1. 0-500 m2: get 3 fine rendering views (2 exterior & 1 interior)
  2. 501-1000 m2: get 5 fine rendering views (3 exterior & 2 interior)

C.3.2. 3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video duration +- 2 minutes

Video 3D Eksterior

C.3.3. BOQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building

C.3.4. Architectural, Structure & Technical Drawing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)

  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. 1st Floor Plan
  3. 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  4. Roof Plan
  5. Front Elevation
  6. Side Elevation (A)
  7. Side Elevation (B)
  8. Back Elevation
  9. Section A-A
  10. Section B-B
  11. Section C-C
  12. Section D-D
  13. Door & Window Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  14. Door & Window Plan (Lantai Satu)
  15. Door & Window Plan (Lantai Dua), etc.
  16. Door & Window Plan (Denah Atap)
  17. Door & Window Details (Plan, Elevation, Section)
  18. Ceilling Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  19. Ceilling Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  20. Ceilling Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  21. Floor Pattern Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  22. Floor Pattern Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  23. Floor Pattern Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  24. Master Bathroom Plan
  25. Master Bathroom Detail (Section A-A)
  26. Master Bathroom Detail (Section B-B)
  27. Master Bathroom Detail (Section C-C)
  28. Master Bathroom Detail (Section D-D)
  29. Stair Plan 1,2,3, etc.
  30. Stair Detail 1,2,3, etc.
  31. Gate Detail
  1. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) Ground Floor Plan
  2. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) 1st Floor Plan
  3. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  4. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) Ground Floor Plan
  5. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) 1st Floor Plan
  6. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  7. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) Roof Plan
  8. Lightning Rod Plan
  9. Lightning Rod Detail
  10. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  11. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  12. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  13. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (Roof Plan)
  14. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (Ground Floor Plan)
  15. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (1st Floor Plan)
  16. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  17. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (Roof Plan)
  18. Septictank/Biotank Detail
  19. Control Box & Biopore Detail
  20. Ground Tank Detail

Items not included (Directed to Third Party Services):
  1. Licensing & BOQ Creation
  2. Land Topography Measurement Services
  3. Soil Sondir Test


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

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