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Privacy Policy

Emporio Architect would like to share information regarding its privacy policy of User’s personal data on Emporio Architect’s website. It needs to be noticed that by registering and/or using Emporio Architect’s website, the User has read and agreed the permission to collect, store, record, process, analyze, and submit personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and/or the terms.

Emporio Architect understands that there is User information and/or data that is confidential and private. Therefore, Emporio Architect is committed to protecting and keeping its User’s private data based on the law regulations.

1. Emporio Architect’s Work Proceedings

  1. When the User accesses Emporio Architect’s website, the system will ask for User’s consent to accept approval for the use of cookies.
  2. With the cookies request granted, Emporio Architect will periodically record data through third-party API or SDK software.
  3. Emporio Architect stores personal data that is inputted or submitted by the User through the order form.
  4. Personal Data collected is used for service and marketing purposes.

2. The Acquirement and Collection of Personal Data

Emporio Architect collects private data only for service and marketing purposes:

  1. Information When Registering / Ordering
    The User will be asked to register and/or submit personal data in order to use the services. The data needed including:
    1. Building Style Preferences;
    2. Full Name;
    3. Phone Number;
    4. E-mail;
    5. Design Type;
    6. Project Address;
    7. Information Source;
  2. Device Information and Data
    Emporio Architect stores device information and data used with the assist of third-party API or SDK software and will be secured on a third-party server, such as Google and Meta.

3. The Storage and Security of Personal Data

  1. User’s private data stored on Emporio Architect is acquired through the verification and encryption process during services operation.
  2. If Emporio Architect is no longer operating, Emporio Architect has the right to keep and use its User’s private data in accordance with the law regulations applied for a minimum of 5 years.
  3. Emporio Architect uses infrastructure and servers from a third party in storing private data and using legal software to acquire and collect private data.
  4. The data that has been stored by Emporio Architect will not be marketed to other parties. If the User needs a third party or a shipping service for the design documents, Emporio Architect is allowed to submit the User’s necessary data with the User’s permission.

4. The Recording of Personal Data

Emporio Architect will record personal data for marketing and service purposes only. If the purposes spread beyond the initial purposes, the User has the right to withdraw the agreement of personal data recording by sending an e-mail to and Emporio Architect will stop the recording and delete User’s private data from the server.

5. The Processing and Analysis of Personal Data

  1. Emporio Architect will process and analyze private data in order to provide design services and relevant information.
  2. Personal data that has been stored will be processed for the necessities that include:
    1. Sending an e-mail regarding tips and tricks on building planning.
    2. Building design services, such as project address surveys, land and soil conditions analysis, regional climate analysis, materials pricing analysis based on User’s address.
    3. The use of User’s name and address in the portfolio title with User’s permission.
    4. Communicating through WhatsApp and E-mail to inform the services and promotions.
    5. Calculating fees and payment claims in accordance with the services used.
    6. Publishing name and project’s location to spread promotions with User’s permission.
    7. Submitting personal data, including User’s name, phone number, and address for shipment purposes to a third-party shipping service.
    8. Submitting personal data, including User’s name, phone number, address, design type, design files to a third party per User’s request and agreement.

6. The Confidentiality and Dissemination of Personal Data

  1. User’s private data will not be sent and spread to other parties with the exception of shipment services and other important third parties that are needed by the User.
  2. Should the personal data be needed to be submitted to other parties, Emporio Architect will ask for User’s permission and go through a verification process to ensure the accuracy of the personal data before submitting.
  3. Data that is considered non-confidential, such as the use of materials, the applied style, and other matters, could still be used for portfolio and publication purposes. User has the right to ask for name-blurring or initial mentioning should there be any discomfort or concern in regards to publication. User could coordinate with Emporio Architect regarding data confidentiality.

7. The Deletion of Personal Data

Personal data will be deleted from Emporio Architect’s server if Emporio Architect is no longer operating. User has the right to ask for personal data deletion on Emporio Architect’s server by sending a request by e-mail to

8. The Use of Cookies

Emporio Architect's website uses cookies to store data, including IP address, link, ISP, device type that User uses, and other matters through third-party API or SDK software. The data will be securely stored on a third-party server, such as Google and Meta.

9. Terms of Use Agreement

By registering and/or using Emporio Architect’s website User has agreed to:

  1. Providing approval to Emporio Architect to obtain, collect, process, analyze, store, display, publish, submit, disseminate, and delete Personal Data in accordance with the purposes stated above.
  2. Stating that the Personal Data submitted to Emporio Architect is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Agree that Emporio Architect should take the necessary actions to maintain the confidentiality and security of User’s Personal Data.
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