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Prices and Procedures for House Design Services + Interior Design Services

The following is information about package prices / fees / fees for home design architect services + Interior Design Services, ordering procedures and information about what services are included in these costs. Categorization of home design and interior design costs is based on recommendations for building area calculated based on space requirements, land area, and preferred style. Please consult us first to determine the range of building area needed.


No. Building Area Fee Architectural Design + Interior Design (US Dollar)
1.  0-250 m2 10,400 USD
2.  251-300 m2 12,000 USD
3.  301-350 m2 13,600 USD
4.  351-400 m2 15,200 USD
5.  401-450 m2 16,800 USD
6.  451-500 m2 18,400 USD
No. Building Area Fee Architectural Design + Interior Design (US Dollar)
1.  501-600 m2 25,600 USD
2.  601-700 m2 30,400 USD
3.  701-800 m2 35,200 USD
4.  801-900 m2 40,000 USD
5.  901-1000 m2 44,800 USD
No. Building Area Fee Architectural Design + Interior Design (US Dollar)
1.  > 1000 m2 48 USD
*The price calculation is calculated based on the recommended building area according to space requirements and the cost of meetings / visits outside Jabodetabek and Bali as well as interior design costs. If you are confused about estimating your building area, please fill out the following form: Order Form or send data via Whatsapp. We will provide a price quote according to the building area you need 1-5 working days.
Why should you spend so much money to hire a professional architect? Please find the answer here : Why Do You Need Architectural Services?



    1. Initial consultation (consultation regarding architectural services). Clients provide the necessary data (via the Consultation & Order Form or email to or Whatsapp us about:

      1. Land location (site)
      2. Size/dimensions of land (scan/softcopy of land measurement results)
      3. Building Boundary Line (boundaries of the area that can be built)
      4. Design style or preferred House Style (Classic, Modern, Tropical, Contemporary, and another style based on client's requests)
      5. Budget Plans for Buildings
      6. Details of space requirements (as detailed as possible). Example: 1 Main Bedroom, 1 Main Bathroom, 1 Main Walk-In-Closet, 3 Kids Bedroom, 3 Kids Bathroom, 3 Walk-in-closet for Kids, 2 Powder room, 1 Maid bedroom, 1 maid bathroom, 2 living room, 1 dining room, 1 pantry, 1 kitchen, 1 storage, 1 laundry room, 1 dry area, 1 study room, 1 workroom, 1 musholla, 1 home-cinema, 1 fitness/gym room, 1 rooftop, garage and carport for 6 car, stairs, front terrace, back terrace, front balcony, back balcony, swimming pool, decking, fish pool, and so on.

      We recommend providing information on building budget limits so that we do not make extravagant designs or even less than the maximum. The clearer the client gives the description, the easier it is for us to understand the client's wishes.

    2. Submitting Design Fees via Email or Whatsapp. Our offer is based on the estimated size of the building according to the client's wishes. We will send a design fee submission, which includes the design fee, payment stages, items or services included, and many more.

    3. Phase I / Down Payment of 25%. If the client approves the offer, the client will pay Down Payment 25% of the total Design fee to the account in the name of the President Director Emporio Architect.

    4. Start the Concept Plan. A follow-up consultation is started (discussion on the floor plan concept) and conceptualization of the floor plan using AutoCad software. This stage is crucial. The floor plan is an essential concept in building design because this plan will be the primary reference for making 3D and Technical Images. Specifically, at this stage, the revision of the floor plans concept are welcome and are not limited. After the floor plan concept is approved, the next step is to create a 3D Model (enter stage 2).


    Clients make Phase II payments of 25% of the total design cost for manufacturing:
    1. Draw a 3D version of the 3D Sketch Up Model. 3D Modeling of buildings determines building height, building shape, and building style.
    2. 3D Exterior Render Image, where the client will create 10-50 building views to present the appearance of the building and building exterior.
    Three-dimensional models and three-dimensional rendering images are very important in spatial planning. With 3D technology, clients who are unfamiliar with building technicalities will have a better understanding of the shape of the building both exterior and interior, so as to avoid misunderstanding between clients, architects, and contractors. At this stage, if it does not match the shape of the building, the Client can also make revisions, both revision of the plan and revision of the building shape.


    The client makes a Phase III Payment of 25% of the total design cost for manufacturing:
    Note: At this stage an Exterior revision is no longer allowed, if there is an Exterior revision again, an added fee will be charged. Meanwhile, the Interior Design consultation and its revision (Max Revision 3x) can be started.

    1. Visual Final Exterior Image.
    2. Interior plan drawings of each room to arrange the position and composition of furniture and interior items.
    3. Modeling and visual images of the interior of each room, where the client will make an interior view to present the interior appearance, furniture position, and room lighting.
    4. Technical drawings / architectural drawings required by the implementation team / contractor as a reference in the construction process:
      1. Architectural technical drawings.
      2. Technical drawings of structures (foundation, iron, etc.)
      3. Technical drawings of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing).


    The client makes a Phase IV Payment / repayment of 25% of the total design cost for manufacturing:

    1. 3D image rendering Interior final visual (3Ds Max version) of each room.

    2. Technical drawings required by the implementing team / contractor / contractor as a reference in the interior making process, at this stage exterior and interior revisions are not allowed, if there are any revisions there will be additional costs.

      1. Room Details Look.
      2. Furniture Detail Technical Drawing.
      3. BOQ (Bill of Quantities).
    3. Delivery of the final files that will be given are:

      1. 2 Volume Print Out A3 Technical Drawing / Architectural Drawing, Structure, MEP Basic.
      2. 1 Volume Print Out A3 Technical Drawing Detailed Interior.
      3. 1 CD / DVD with softcopy of all agreed files.

    If all the files according to the offer have been received by the client, the design stage is declared complete and the client is ready to bid or use the contractor services of your choice.


  1. 2D Floor Plan Concept (2 Dimensions):
     2D Plan Concept

  2. 3D Modeling Concepts (3 Dimensions):
     3D Modeling Concept

  3. Draft 3D Render Visualization Image (20-50 view):
     3D Exterior Visual Image

  4. Fine Render Visualization Image (Visual Final):
    1. 0-500 m2: get 3 fine rendering views (2 exterior & 1 interior)
    2. 501-1000 m2: get 5 fine rendering views (3 exterior & 2 interior)

     Fine Visual Rendering Images 1

     Fine Visual Rendering Images 2

  5. 3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video (duration +- 2 minutes)
    3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video
  6. BoQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building
    Download the BoQ example here

  7. Architectural, Structure & MEP Technical Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing): Download examples of Technical Drawings here

    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan and many more *(for buildings with two or more floors)
    3. Facade / Front View
    4. Back view
    5. Right-side view
    6. Left-side view
    7. Sections
    8. Ceiling Plan (each floor)
    9. Floor Pattern Plan (each floor)
    10. Keys Frame Plan (each floor)
    11. Frame, Window, and Door Detail
    12. Stairs Details & Stairs Structures
    13. Fence Details
    14. Main Bathroom Details
    15. Foundation and Sloof Plan
    16. Column Plan (each floor)
    17. Beam and Ring Beams Plan (each floor)
    18. Ring Beams Plan on Roof
    19. Portal
    20. Steel Reinforcement Details (Sloof, Beams, Columns)
    21. River Stone / Rock Stone Foundation Details
    22. Footplate / Borepile / Piling Details (adjustable)
    23. Slab details
    24. Pool Details (if available)
    25. Lighting Points, Sockets, Switches, and AC Points Plan for each floor
    26. Clean Water, Dirty Water, Rainwater & Wastewater Installation Plans
    27. Cold Water & Hot Water Installation Plans (if available)
    28. Septic Tank Details
    29. Infiltration Details

    Items that not included (Addressed for Third Party Services):
    1. Licensing Management Services & Making BoQ
    2. Topographic Measurement Services (with theodolite)
    3. Groundwater Test Services (Cone Penetration Test / Cone Penetrometer Test)
  8. Furniture Plan Concept per Room (2 Dimensions) for Interior

     Kelengkapan Gambar 1

  9. Interior 3D Modeling using Sketchup and Render Lumion for Presentations

     Kelengkapan Gambar 2

  10. Fine Render Visual Images (Visual Final) Interior

     Kelengkapan Gambar 3

  11. Technical Drawings Interior and Furniture Details (2D and 3D)

     Kelengkapan Gambar 4

    Interior Technical Drawing:
    1. Furniture Layout Per Room (2D)
    2. ME Layout Per Room (customized)
    3. Sections Per Room (customized)
    4. Built-In Furniture Details

    Items not included:
    1. Floor Plan Layout
    2. Exterior Technical Drawing
    3. Exterior 3D Images