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The Development Budget Overview You Need to Know!

The Development Budget Overview You Need to Know!
Published 17 January 2022    Education, Tips and Trick
Written by: Adam Fonsecha S.S.  

Are you eager to start the development of your new house? How well is your preparation thus far? Have you learned about the budget overview of your project? No worries, it’s normal to be confused in answering those lines of questions. Emporio Architect will share an article that will inform and cover everything you need to know regarding the budget for development what are the factors that affect the fee’s dynamic of a house design.

1. Based on the chosen style

based on the chosen style

Based on the chosen style

As we’ve discussed in the previous article, building style has an effect on the development’s fee. Although the building has the same size, the development fee for modern style houses is generally lower compared to classic style houses. However, modern style houses could demand bigger fees than classic style houses if the design features many wide openings with glasses in large dimensions.

The same thing can be applied with Bali-Villa minimalist styles, where the development fee is lower compared to luxurious Bali-Villa styles with ornamentations and pillars on the exterior. The more luxurious and grandeur the façade is, the more expensive the development fee is going to be.

2. Based on the materials selected

The development fee is highly affected by the materials used. Houses that only use paint finishes on the exterior are obviously a lot cheaper than natural stone, and wood exterior finishes.

Material type and quality often determine the development fee. In general, travertine costs more than marble and granite. Houses with many wide openings covered in large glasses will also cost more in development than houses with minimum wide openings.

3. Based on the house plan

based on the house plan

Based on the house plan

The house plan also takes effect on the development fee. Although the size and width are the same, 3-story houses will obviously cost more than 1-story houses.

4. Based on the use of lifts, escalators, moving walkways, and stair types

Besides the house plan, the use of in-house vertical transportation will also affect the development fee. With the same size and width, houses that are facilitated with lifts, escalators, and moving walkways will undoubtedly cost the homeowner more money than houses with regular stairs. Different types of stairs will also cost different types of fees depending on the shape, design, and finishes of the stairs.

5. Based on facilities

based on facilities

basen on facilities

The development fee also depends on the facilities that are going to be installed. Houses with swimming pools and rooftops need more budget to spend than houses without those facilities. Moreover, the larger the size of the swimming pool is, the more money needs to be cashed out compared to houses with a water fountain or fish pond.

6. Based on structural and construction complexity

The more complex the structure and construction are,  the bigger the fee is going to be. Houses that have a basement, mezzanine, and split-level, certainly demand more development budget than regular houses.

The reason is, houses with a basement, mezzanine, and split-level have a higher complexity process, where the type and the methods to install the foundation, walls, and floors are different. Houses that use more materials during the installation are going to cost more.

7. Based on the building’s size

basen on the building size

Based on the building’s size

One thing’s for sure, house size absolutely matters and obviously takes effect on the development fee. Houses that have more than 1000 m2 building area is going to cost more than 600 m2 houses. Not only does it affect the development fee, but the building’s size also affects the design fee.

8. Based on materials availability

Other than those internal factors mentioned above, external factors, such as materials’ availability or the distance between the material store to the development site, also play a part in the development fee. The reason is, the development fee will increase if the necessary materials are difficult to purchase or the distance between the material store to the development site is quite far, it will require extra charges to deliver the materials.

9. Based on transportation access

Transportation access also plays an effect on the development fee. If the transportation access to the site is quite complex when accessed by the material couriers, the mobilization fee is obviously more expensive since you will need to pay extra for material couriers that need extra pick-up services and so forth.

10. Based on supporting facilities

The lack of supporting facilities around the development site, such as the lack of electricity, soil water, and others, are indirectly going to affect the development fee for the worst since you’re going to need to rent a diesel machine, buy clean water and other necessities while the development is in progress.

11. Based on soil condition

Soil conditions and types are also going to differentiate the expenses for the development fee. For soil with a hardened level of 1,5 meters, it will require bore pile foundations installed, which will cost more than the installation of river stone foundations. Not only that, if the soil conditions are sloping, a cut and fill system needs to be conducted in order to get flatter soil, which will increasingly affect the cost due to heavy equipment rent.

12. Based on regions or area

As mentioned on points 8, 9 and 10, the development progress that takes place in a certain region or area nearby a forest, or mountain, will cost more because of the material distribution, access to the site, and other reasons compared to the development in the center of a big city with accessible infrastructure facilities.

Those are the overview regarding the budget and all the factors that affect the development fee for your additional knowledge. Based on all the explanatory above, it can be concluded that there are many factors that affect the development cost.

Therefore, if you’re planning a house with a relatively lower budget, every aspect needs to be considered and planned extra carefully. However, if you want the highest quality, most aesthetics, exclusive, and can be put back on the market with the highest value, the house design needs to be flawless and will cost more on its development.

The decision is yours. Are you the type that prioritizes low budget development, or do you prefer quality above anything else to ensure your highest investment is protected with the highest value? If you feel lost in estimating the development fee, grab a phone and contact a professional architect like Emporio Architect. Emporio Architect will pleasantly create a development budget calculation for clearer budget planning. This is now the time to plan your dream home and give Emporio Architect, a professional architecture service, a call and make your dream home design come to a realization.

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