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Tips to Decrease the Building’s Temperature

Tips to Decrease the Building’s Temperature
12 April 2022    Education, Tips and Trick
Written by Adam Fonsecha S.S.

Does your house feel constantly sweltering hot that forces you to turn on the fan or Air Conditioner all day? If so, there’s something not quite right with your house’s design. The reason is houses that are designed by professional architects should be cozy, breezy, and aesthetically pretty due to careful planning in every aspect. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy, renovate, or build a house, there are things that should be considered to make the house feel breezy and cool. Emporio Architect will now share a few tips and tricks to decrease the room temperature in the house naturally, economically, and environmentally friendly.

Are you often shocked seeing the electricity bills of your house caused by 24-hour usage of air cooler? The fact is you can save some money on electricity bills if the circulation and the house itself are planned carefully by taking advantage of mother nature. Not only does the house become cozier and breezier, it also saves more energy. If you feel your house needs to be cooler, cozier, more economical, and environmentally friendlier, these tips and tricks will decrease the room temperature in your house, courtesy of Emporio Architect.

Tips to Decrease the Building’s Temperature

1. Creating many wide openings

To make the house feel breezier, it needs to have many wide openings and ventilation that provide a cross-ventilation system. A cross-ventilation system ensures better airflow to make your house feels healthier and breezier. It’s recommended to place the openings and ventilations on the north and south sides of the house. Wide openings and ventilation that are facing each other will create unblocked airflow and breeze up the entire house all day. As a result, the room temperature will be lower, and the atmosphere will be cooler, breezier, and cozier.

2. Through the void

To keep the house breezy, the presence of void might do the job. Not only making the house feel more spacious and luxurious, void also streamlines the circulation and distributes the air from the ground floor to the top equally, which instantly decreases the house temperature.

3. Heightening the ceilings

Similar to void, heightening the ceilings can also decrease the house temperature. If the house is one-story, heightening the ceilings will do the job to breeze up the place, which is why churches, basilicas, mosques, and 17-19th century buildings feel a lot breezier without any cooler. The toweringly high ceilings play a major part.

4. Thickening the walls

Did you know that by thickening the walls, the temperature will decrease? Thick walls are able to extend the heat transfer time from the building’s exterior and reduce the temperature on the inside. It simply breezes up the house.

5. The building’s materials

The materials used for the building also affect the temperature. For instance, walls made out of stone or clay tend to be cooler compared to other materials. Moreover, a stone/clay roof is also able to create a cooler temperature compared to the tin roof material. Therefore, it’s better to prefer materials that are able to absorb heat, such as stone, clay, ceramic, or others. The house will certainly feel breezier.

6. Adding elements of water

Unlike leaks or floods, the presence of water elements, such as a fish pond or swimming pool, will create a more refreshing home temperature. The elements of water are able to reduce the home temperature and bring the vibes of vacation that elevate the property value to the next level. Therefore, water elements are the most pleasing way to create a breezy and cozy home atmosphere.

7. Putting plenteous greenery

The straightforward way to soothe and breeze up the house is to simply put green plants indoors and outdoors. If you have enough budget to spend, try to create an indoor garden in the center of the area. If possible, put a vertical garden by installing hanging plants on the walls as the accents. On the contrary, if the budget is pressing, simply put a few plants in the house. Keep in mind that the plants have to be real plants, not fake ones! It’s better if every area, such as the balcony or porch, has plants as well.

8. Installing a secondary skin

Installing a secondary skin can also be the solution for a breezier home. A secondary skin, thick blinds, and drapes can also reduce the temperature and block sunlight. Even so, secondary skin, blinds, and drapes will not be as effective and optimal in decreasing the room temperature without doing all the necessary steps above beforehand.

Tips to Decrease the Building’s Temperature

Those are a few tips to decrease the house temperature for a more energy-efficient home, courtesy of Emporio Architect. Of course, there are other ways to reduce the home temperature, such as living in an underground space/home or a green roof house. However, the steps above are more effective and efficient. If you’re planning to build a soothing, cozy, and breezy home, follow the steps above and contact a professional architect, such as Emporio Architect, who is always available to help you build a villa-like home.

Fairus Rizki Nurrahmawati, S.Ars
Adam Fonsecha S.S.
Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, does not limit his passion for learning other languages and desire to reach multiple continents through his writing. Writing articles has been his journey since graduating as it connects him with many people locally and globally. Also, nothing beats the feeling of readers taking an interest in a product that has been literately created into a future promise.
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