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Tips to Avoid Termites

Tips to Avoid Termites
01 April 2022    Education, Tips and Trick
Written by Adam Fonsecha S.S.

When the house is finished being developed, you certainly hope for it to stay sturdy and durable for a long period, don’t you? Unfortunately, not every house is guaranteed durable from all kinds of threats, including climate causes, natural disasters, and termite attacks. Compared to other insects, termites are most dangerous because they can destroy the house’s structure and furniture without any trace. Therefore, to prevent termites, Emporio Architect will share a few tips to keep your house sturdy, durable, and termite-resistant.

House is an expensive investment and costs a lot of money, energy, and time, whether it’s newly built or second-hand. Before the army of termites comes marching into your structure, frames, and furniture in your house. Do these prevention steps before it’s too late.

Tips to Avoid Termites

  1. To prevent termites from attacking your house in the future, get rid of dead trees or tree stumps around the house. Take a stroll around the front, side, and backyard to see if there are any dead trees or logs that could be inhabited by termites. If you have a storage area for firewood, place it as far as possible from the main building.
  1. Do a routine check on the conditions of the frames, furniture, and other wooden materials for holes. Knock the wood’s surface and listen carefully to detect whether the wood has termites cocoons or not.
  1. Another way to prevent termite infestations is to use the highest wood quality to make the gazebo, furniture, frames, jambs, and others. Cheap quality wood will attract the termites’ soldiers to inhabit your house, especially if the wood has been preserved.
  1. Termites generally sneak into wood that’s in direct contacts with the ground, such as door frames, poles or construction beams, and decks. Therefore, do a routine check on these areas and detect any possibilities of termites’ infestation. Mop off any water puddle and spread the anti-termite chemicals on the soil adjacent to wood to eliminate the termites.
  1. If there’s a garden with plants in your house, we recommend never placing mulch nearby the main building. The reason is mulch causes soil moisture and prevents the wood from growing. In other words, this is an instant invitation for termites to inhabit.
  1. If you think a garden with plants in the house to soothe the house without inviting termites, it’s best to ensure there are no plants, trees, and soil within 12-25 cm from the outer structure of the house to prevent termites’ infestation near the house.
  1. You can also install an anti-termite shield along the house’s foundation to prevent termite attacks. Choose the shield made of stainless steel with no gaps to prevent termites from attacking the foundation and structure of your house.
  1. To prevent forthcoming termite infestation, be sure to keep your house dry at all times. Don’t let any water puddle sit for a long period of time because the moisture will invite termites. You can also dry the furniture periodically during broad daylight to get rid of the termites.
  1. Close every gap in the house, especially the walls, floors, frames, cables, pipes, and other gaps. Cover every gap with wire gauze or others.
  2. Lastly, do anti-termite periodic maintenance by spraying the house and surroundings with Taurus SC, Termidor SC, or other termiticide/insecticide Fipronil chemicals. These chemicals are proven effective in eliminating termites and ants.

Tips to Avoid Termites

Those are a few tips to prevent termite infestation. Building a house indeed costs a lot of money, time, and energy. Follow all those steps above to ensure your future house is free from termites. If you’re still wandering to find a fully capable architect to hire, Emporio Architect is available to make your dream home come to a realization.

Fairus Rizki Nurrahmawati, S.Ars
Adam Fonsecha S.S.
Born and raised in Bali, Indonesia, does not limit his passion for learning other languages and desire to reach multiple continents through his writing. Writing articles has been his journey since graduating as it connects him with many people locally and globally. Also, nothing beats the feeling of readers taking an interest in a product that has been literately created into a future promise.
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