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The Procedures of Conducting Discussions, Revisions, Direct Meetings, and Virtual Meetings with the Architect

The Procedures of Conducting Discussions, Revisions, Direct Meetings, and Virtual Meetings with the Architect
20 January 2022    Education, Tips and Trick
Written by Adam Fonsecha S.S.  

Once you’ve run through every previous step and increased the confidence level to face the next process, it’s time to contact one of the professional and trusted architecture services for consultations, discussions, and meetings. Therefore, we are going to share the correct procedures of conducting consultations, discussions, revisions, and meetings, whether it’s direct meetings or virtual meetings with the architect if you are desired to hire an available architecture service like Emporio Architect.

Consultation and Discussion Procedures

Consultation and Discussion Procedures

To smoothen the consultation and discussion process, you need to prepare several data necessities, such as the topography and land measurement data that will be developed on, the soil data, space necessities, the selected style, and have gone through the development budget overview, as well as preparing the budget to spend on the design and the development. All the necessary data need to be informed to Emporio Architect’s customer service through WhatsApp Messenger. Based on the informed data, the architect team can start creating the concept and the design in accordance with what you have needed and requested.

It’s quite important to you, as clients, to maintain your communication tone and manner with the architect to create a kinship, conducive and friendly working situation during consultation and discussion sessions for a lower risk of heat and tension. Therefore, every idea channeled can be easily received and understood by both parties without occurring fatal miscommunications.

The Procedures of Proposing and Conducting Design Revisions

The Procedures of Proposing and Conducting Design Revisions

Using Emporio Architect’s design services, clients have the right to propose revisions should the design lacks certain touches. Design revisions are accepted on the first stage of layout creation and the second stage of the 3D modeling stage. Clients also have the right to propose unlimited revisions once these terms are met.

  • The total revisions of the layout are allowed in the first stage of the design process.
  • Revisions of material selections and the building’s façade are allowed in the second stage of the design process, without revising the layout and spatial arrangement.
  • Revisions in the third stage of the design process will require extra charges that informed in advance by the customer service.
  • Clients can ask for more revisions in the first stage of the layout design and 3D modeling in the second stage without any limitation until the clients have found themselves satisfied and settled with the best design that meets their expectations.

Direct (Face-to-Face) Meetings Procedures

Direct (Face-to-Face) Meetings Procedures

Emporio Architect is fully capable of holding consultations and discussions directly (direct meetings), where the clients and the architect can discuss the matter face-to-face. There are two alternatives of meeting situations, where the meeting can be held at the client’s place of choice or at Emporio Architect’s office. Here are the terms.

  • Directly meet at the client’s place of choice

Should the clients prefer to hold the meetings at their place of choice, Emporio Architect’s team can pay a visit to their city or region for direct meetings visitation service. This visitation service is free of charge in several cities in Indonesia, including the Jabodetabek regions, Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Bali. If you’re currently in those cities or areas, you can reach Emporio Architect’s service for further information regarding visitation services. However, if the client is situated in other cities or regions and wants direct visitation by our architect’s team, in addition to the first down payment, the client will be additionally charged for ticket purchasing and accommodation.

  • Directly meet at Emporio Architect’s office

Emporio Architect also pleasantly welcomes direct meetings at the office. However, the clients need to arrange a schedule with Emporio Architect’s customer service in advance before visiting one of our offices in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, and Yogyakarta due to the tight scheduling our the architect team and the limitation of meeting space. The meetings will be held by following health procedures.

Virtual Meetings Procedures

Virtual Meetings Procedures

Emporio Architect, as a professional architecture service, is motivated to move forward and innovate, which is why the entire designing process can now be conducted virtually. Using this virtual method, the clients and the architect will not waste money, time, and energy just to travel. This method is proven to be much more effective, easy, and economically helpful during pandemic circumstances or if the clients are extremely busy for direct meetings. Therefore, this method is popular among Emporio Architect’s clients who are situated outside the office areas, regions, cities, and even countries abroad.

To hold the virtual meetings, clients need to install one of the apps, such as WhatsApp, TeamViewer, Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Through one of these apps, the consultation and virtual meeting session will be held easily without distance issues. Once the virtual meeting’s schedule is confirmed, the clients and the architect team can discuss, consult, check the design progress and review the revised design without interruption and problems.

This virtual method has been a great help for Emporio Architect to reach clients throughout the globe, where the communication, including consultations, discussions, design presentations, and revision reviews, can be optimally held untroubled. Another advantage for the clients is they can discuss and see the design progress and the revision review with the entire family member.

However, it needs to be noted that the planning process may consume a long amount of time due to the number of things that need to be considered. The planning process is necessary for the purpose of minimalizing regular occurrences that often happen during development. Therefore, it’s much better to take the planning process of the dream home without any rush to avoid any unwanted issues during the development of that dream home.

Those are the correct procedures for conducting consultations, discussions, proposing revisions and meetings (direct and virtual), particularly at Emporio Architect. If you feel prepared enough to plan the design of your dream home, say hello to Emporio Architect’s customer service to start your consultation and arrange the meeting schedules with the architect. Make your dream home design come to a realization with Emporio Architect!

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