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Learn About These Common Problems in House Construction Progress and How to Solve Them!

Learn About These Common Problems in House Construction Progress and How to Solve Them!
Published 15 March 2022    Education, Tips and Trick
Written by: Adam Fonsecha S.S.  

Are you fully prepared to develop the house? Don’t get overconfident yet! Once you have prepared the budget, hired a contractor, and so on, you also need to prepare yourself to face bad possibilities that might happen. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? Therefore, Emporio Architect will share common problems that often occur during house construction progress and the solving solutions. Let’s scroll down.

Materials and tools arrival lateness

One of the classic issues during construction is the arrival lateness of the purchased materials and rented tools. Materials or tools’ lateness certainly impedes the well-organized plan schedule that results in disordered, delayed, and longer work schedule that leads to the lateness of the construction finish.

To solve this problem, you can order the on-site workers to work on other assignments or use other tools and materials that are available while awaiting their arrival. If the arrival of materials or tools that have crucial roles are delayed for a long time, the only solution is to patiently wait.

Materials did not meet expectations due to wrong purchasing

Materials did not meet expectations due to wrong purchasing

This issue is another common problem that usually comes during finishing progress. For instance, you have set your heart for a marble material with color and type A, but the one that arrived is marble with color and type B. If this occurs, it will certainly put you in a whole different mood once the marble is installed because the material differences resulted from the wrong type and color did not meet your desired expectation. However, if the materials were left out without being installed, it would feel like a waste of money since they were already bought.

The solution to this problem is both easy and difficult. You can kindly ask the material store owner where the materials were purchased to allow materials change or even refund. If the answer’s no, you can use the materials as a transition or use them in another space like storage or service area, which will not be a problem if the colors and patterns do not combine well.

Broken Tools

Another problem that often occurs is broken tools. Although the tools are well-facilitated, it doesn’t close the fact that the tools can suddenly break or get damaged, which takes some time to repair. The same situation can happen with the lack of tools available that can cause a chaotic work schedule during construction.

In order to anticipate these problems, it’s much safer to prepare a spare tool as a backup if the primary tool can’t fully function. Therefore, the workers can keep the construction progress on the planned schedule while the broken tool is being repaired.

Damaged land condition

Damaged land condition

The soil where the construction progresses take place still has the possibility to be damaged or changed due to soil erosion, storm, or other natural disasters that cause the contour and soil density to change. This problem forces a house reconstruction to adjust to the soil condition. Therefore, if you have already acquired a design, the design needs to be revised to adjust with the condition as well.

If this problem occurs, the easiest solution is to restore the soil’s condition back to default. Rather than spending more on your budget, time, and energy, you can take an alternative, which is to conduct soil cleansing and maturation. You do need to spend money to conduct these steps, but at least you don’t have to wait longer.

Disposal area unavailability

Disposal area unavailability can also cause problems that are quite massive. The project’s wastage needs to be processed and disposed to the disposal area because if it’s being disposed in an uncertain area, it could cause bad effects to the environment. If ignored, the project’s wastage will be piled on and become a waste heap that can interrupt the construction progress.

Therefore, if the disposal area on the site is unavailable, you need to hire a service to clean and sort the materials that need to be disposed of or recycled. The next step is to hire a construction debris truck disposal to hand the disposed waste over to a waste collector or to another project that might need construction wastage.

Workers are on-strike

Workers are on-strike

Controlling the workers to stay productive, effective, and compact is not an easy task. Although this doesn’t often occur in housing construction, there were times when the workers or labor planned a strike. If this occurs, it will certainly halt the construction progress due to lack of workers on the site.

To solve this problem, you can carefully scout the prosperity of the workers, maintain the worker’s enthusiasm to work, build a good relationship, and humanly fulfilling the standard necessities of each worker. If the workers are on strike, you need to communicate and find out what causes them to strike. Then, you can try to fulfill their needs and wants by providing a win-win solution and keeping them happy.

The order came in wrong

If you’re ordering customizable furniture or artworks, it opens up the possibility that the order came in way off of your expectations due to the wrong size or the model doesn’t match your desire. To solve this, the contractor and yourself need to put everything in clear detail to avoid any sort of miscommunication. Show the detailed technical drawing that has every measurement, material, color, and other detail to the contractor to tackle any errors.

If you have shown the detailed technical drawing, but the order still came in the wrong, there are a few options to do. You can accept the wrong order anyway and do a little improvisation during its installation to keep it still aesthetic and functional. You can also ask your contractor to re-order with the risk of work schedule delays and expenses increment. Do ask for compensation or a discount from your contractor since the order has been disappointing.

Technical drawing interpretation difficulties

Technical drawing interpretation difficulties

If you’re building the house using builders, there will be times when the builders get lost when interpreting the technical drawing, resulting in finalization delay, and the design that has cost a lot of money will feel wasted because of the builder’s half-hearted work and their own interpretation. As a result, the house looks nothing like what the design shows.

Therefore, the solution will be to hire an experienced supervisor. The supervisor will then interpret the technical drawing, lead and evaluate the builders’ work. With that, your house’s project will run smoothly and look exactly like the planned design.

Delay in finalization

One of the most common problems during development is the delay in the finalization or even halted due to financial issues. This occurs because of the lack of a budgeting plan, disorganized work schedule, natural disasters, bad weather, and other reasons that can cause this issue.

In order to solve this issue, it’s wise for you to ask the work schedule that states the time detail of each job to the contractor. Therefore, you can supervise and ensure that the work progress is on schedule. If the delay in finalization is caused by tools and materials unavailability or bad climate and weather, it still can be accepted. The key is to communicate with the contractor and find the best solution together.

The development fee is swollen up

The development fee is swollen up

There are many unplanned situations that can happen during housing development, such as damaged site conditions and work schedule delays can increase the development fee massively. The worst possibility is when you have gone way over the budget and money left to continue the development progress.

To prevent you from going all out and seeking debts all over the place, it’s wiser to stop or delay the project in the meantime until your budget meets the fee. However, if the swollen-up expenses are caused by the contractor’s own error, you can demand or ask for compensation to the contractor in accordance with the contract that has been agreed by both parties. This is one of the reasons why partnership contracts, construction management, and budget planning are very important to be taken care of before the development hits a start. The other option is to use a cost-and-fee system and hire a construction management service.

No access to electricity and water

Water and electricity are the main components to carry out a successful housing development project. Without any access to electricity and water, the development will be a lot more difficult to handle. Therefore, ensure the location of the site has adequate access for electricity and water. If there aren’t any, you can politely ask the neighbor and pay for their bill or use a diesel. For a water source, you can either drill a well or buy a water jerry can.

Awful road condition

Awful road condition

Electricity and water unavailability aren’t the only problems because the bad road condition is also no picnic. The development site that’s located in a small alley, roads with massive cracks, and nearby a hill or mountain will harden the access for materials or heavy machinery to the project’s site because trucks can’t go through.

The solution is if the location of the project can’t handle trucks, you need to rent a smaller pickup truck or a three-wheeled vehicle to carry the materials. If these vehicles still can’t go through, the only solution is to hire manpower to carry the materials using wheelbarrows.

There’s no place to store the materials

When the house starts for development, many people will go hunt and purchase as many materials as possible in order to obtain lower prices and to prevent price increment in the sudden future. This can be an issue if the site doesn’t have a place or spot to store these materials. Therefore, rather than letting the newly purchased materials be severely damaged by bad weather, you can rent storage or a small room/building nearby the site to store the materials and for the builders to rest in if possible. Another alternative to consider is to purchase the materials in a smaller volume with the risk of price increment still intact.

Incapable builders

Incapable builders

It’s not rare that the development result ends badly and far off of your expectations though the technical drawing is excellent due to incapable builders. It will be very crushing if it happens, more so because the money, time, and energy you’ve spent to build your dream home aren’t worth the result. Therefore, it’s recommended to build the house using a contractor and supervisor or construction management (CM) because CM can help you to choose a professional contractor team with capable builders to ensure the result will be extra satisfactory.

Those are the common problems during house construction and the solutions. In actuality, there are still many more problems to face during house construction, such as the building permits requirement, unsatisfactory work from the contractor that unsuits the contract, payment issues, soil problems, and so on. Therefore, it’s best to prepare every little detail maturely to ensure the construction starts and ends flawlessly,

Every sort of problem relating to protecting financial, natural resources, work schedule discipline, and the quality regarding the result can be solved by hiring a supervisor or construction management and using a cost-and-fee contract system. Avoid facing these problems by yourself, especially if you’re not an expert. Be wise and find the safest solutions by hiring a supervisor or construction management and using a cost-and-fee contract system. It’s also better to use Bank Guarantees for an extra layer of -protection.

Fortunately, you can find a professional and experienced architect and supervisor/ construction management at Emporio Architect. Emporio Architect is fully capable of ensuring your luxury dream home comes to a realization without any drama and problems.

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