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Prices and Procedures for House Design Services

  Updated on 1 Mei 2022

House Design Service Costs are the costs required to serve all forms of process in designing residential designs starting from analysis of size, area and shape of land, analysis of space requirements, analysis of building and space cardinal directions, analysis of light and air circulation, making building plans, spatial plans, layout layout plans for furniture zones, 3D image of buildings, rendering of render images, to manufacturing architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing technical drawings.

Why should you use the services of a professional architect? Please find the answer here : Why Do You Need Architectural Services?

Below is information about the price / cost / fee for house design architect services, the procedure for ordering the architect services, and a description of images and services that are included in the price.


A.1. Small & Medium Size Building
Building Area House Design Fee (USD)
RAMADAN DISCOUNT 10% (1 - 31 May 2022)
0-250 m2 $6,400 $5,760
251-300 m2 $7,600 $6,840
301-350 m2 $8,800 $7,920
351-400 m2 $10,000 $9,000
401-450 m2 $11,200 $10,080
451-500 m2 $12,400 $11,160
A.2. Big Size Building
Building Area House Design Fee (USD)
RAMADAN DISCOUNT 10% (1 - 31 May 2022)
501-600 m2 $14,400 $12,960
601-700 m2 $17,600 $15,840
701-800 m2 $20,800 $18,720
801-900 m2 $24,000 $21,600
901-1000 m2 $27,200 $24,480
A.3. Extra Big Size Building
Building Area House Design Fee (USD)
RAMADAN DISCOUNT 10% (1 - 31 May 2022)
> 1000 m2 $28.00 / m2 $25.20 / m2

*To get a fee proposal from our Architect, please fill in the following format: Form Order or send data via Whatsapp. Then if the data is complete, a price proposal will be made complete with a concept plan sketch within 1-7 working days. If needed, Architects and Clients can conduct initial online meetings.



The client provides the required data in the form of:

  1. Land Location
  2. Land Size
  3. Your preferred House Style
  4. Development Budget Plan
  5. Details of space requirements. Example:
1 Floor 2 Floors
  1. 1 Master Bed
  2. 1 Main Bath
  3. 1 Walk in the Main Closet
  4. 2 Outdoor Baths
  5. 1 K Assistant
  6. 1 Maid Bath
  7. 1 Guest Room
  8. 2 Family Room
  9. 1 Dining Room
  10. 1 Dry Kitchen
  11. 1 Wet Kitchen
  12. 1 Warehouse
  13. 1 Laundry Room & Dry in the sun
  14. 4 Car Garage
  15. Carport 2 Cars
  16. Swimming Pool
  1. 3 Children's Beds + Ensuite Bath
  2. 1 Guest Bed
  3. 1 Outdoor Bath
  4. 1 Learning Room
  5. 1 Workspace
  6. 1 Holy Room / Mushola
  7. 1 Movie Room
  8. 1 Karaoke Room
  9. 1 Fitnes / Gym Room
  10. 1 Rooftop + Gazebo
  11. Front Balcony
  12. Rear Balcony

The Architect Team will provide a sketch plan and a design cost quote based on the estimated building area required.



The client makes Phase I payments of 30% of the total design cost for Floor Plan. The plan is the most important concept in a building design because this plan will be the main reference for making 3D and technical drawings. Especially at this stage, plan revisions are welcome and max 3x revision. After the floor plan concept is approved, the next step is to create a 3D Image (enter stage 2).


The client makes Phase II payments of 50% of the total design cost for manufacture:
a. 3D (three-dimensional) image of buildings determines building height, building shape, and building style.
b. 3D Exterior Render Image (not as clear as the final render), where the client will create 10-50 building views to present the appearance of the building and the building's exterior atmosphere.

Three-dimensional image and three-dimensional rendering images are very important in spatial planning. With 3D technology, clients who are unfamiliar with building technicalities will have a better understanding of the shape of the building both exterior and interior, so as to avoid misunderstanding between clients, architects, and contractors. At this stage, if the building does not match the shape yet, the Client can only revise the appearance.


The client makes Stage III Payment / Repayment of 20% of the total design cost for manufacture:

  1. Fine Render Visual Images (Visual Final):
    1. Exterior
    2. Interior
  2. Working drawings / technical drawings required by the implementation team / contractor / contractor as a reference in the construction process:
    1. Architectural technical drawings
    2. Technical drawings of structures (foundation, refinement etc.)
    3. Technical drawings of Electrical and Plumbing).
  3. The final files that will be given are:
    1. 2 Volume Print Out A3 Technical Drawing / Working Drawing.
    2. 1 Flash Disk with softcopy of agreed files.
    At this stage, no more revisions are allowed. If all the files according to the offer have been received by the Client, the Design stage is declared complete and the Client is ready to make a tender or use the contractor services of your choice.


What Will You Get?


C.1.1. 2D Plan Concept (2 Dimensions)

2D Plan Concept (2 Dimensions)
2D Plan Concept Example


C.2.1. 3D Image Concept (3 Dimensions)

3D Image Concept Example
3D Image Concept Example


C.3.1. Fine Render Visual Images (Visual Final)

  1. 0-500 m2 (Small & Medium Size Building) : get 3 fine rendering views (exterior & interior)
  2. 501-1000 m2 (Big Size Building) : get 5 fine rendering views (exterior & interior)
  3. >1000 m2 (Extra Big Size Building) : get 8 fine rendering views (exterior & interior)
Mr. Wijay Mediterranean House 2.5 Floors Design - Sentul City, Bogor

C.3.2. BOQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building

C.3.3. Architectural, Structure & Technical Drawing Electrical Plumbing

Bonus 3D Video Exterior & 3D Interior when the drawing is finished

Video 3D Exterior


  1. Ground Floor Plan
  2. 1st Floor Plan
  3. 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  4. Roof Plan
  5. Front Elevation
  6. Side Elevation (A)
  7. Side Elevation (B)
  8. Back Elevation
  9. Section A-A
  10. Section B-B
  11. Section C-C
  12. Section D-D
  13. Door & Window Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  14. Door & Window Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  15. Door & Window Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  16. Door & Window Plan (Roof Plan)
  17. Door & Window Details (Plan, Elevation, Section)
  18. Ceilling Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  19. Ceilling Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  20. Ceilling Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  21. Floor Pattern Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  22. Floor Pattern Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  23. Floor Pattern Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  24. Master Bathroom Plan
  25. Master Bathroom Detail (Section A-A)
  26. Master Bathroom Detail (Section B-B)
  27. Master Bathroom Detail (Section C-C)
  28. Master Bathroom Detail (Section D-D)
  29. Stair Plan 1,2,3, etc.
  30. Stair Detail 1,2,3, etc.
  31. Gate Detail
  1. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) Ground Floor Plan
  2. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) 1st Floor Plan
  3. Electrical Instalation Plan (Lamp & Switch) 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  4. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) Ground Floor Plan
  5. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) 1st Floor Plan
  6. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) 2nd Floor Plan, etc.
  7. Electrical Instalation Plan (Plug & Air Conditioner) Roof Plan
  8. Lightning Rod Plan
  9. Lightning Rod Detail
  10. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (Ground Floor Plan)
  11. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  12. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  13. Clean Water & Hot Water Pipe Instalation Plan (Roof Plan)
  14. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (Ground Floor Plan)
  15. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (1st Floor Plan)
  16. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (2nd Floor Plan), etc.
  17. Dirty Water, Waste Water & Rain Water Pipe Instalation (Roof Plan)
  18. Septictank/Biotank Detail
  19. Control Box & Biopore Detail
  20. Ground Tank Detail
  1. Footplat Foundation Plan / Borepile Foundation Plan
  2. River Stone Foundation Plan
  3. Tie Beam & Column Plan (Ground Floor)
  4. Beam & Column Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  5. Beam & Column Plan (2nd Floor Plan)
  6. Ring Beam
  7. Slab Steel Reinforcement Plan (Ground Floor)
  8. Slab Steel Reinforcement Plan (1st Floor Plan)
  9. Slab Steel Reinforcement Plan (2nd Floor Plan)
  10. Slab Steel Reinforcement Plan (Roof Floor)
  11. Portal Grid X (1 portal Section X)
  12. Portal Grid Y (1 portal Section Y)
  13. Footplat Foundation Details / Borepile Foundation Details
  14. River Stone Foundation Details
  15. Column Steel Reinforcement Details
  16. Tie Beam Steel Reinforcement Details
  17. Beam Steel Reinforcement Details
  18. Roof Truss Steel Structure IWF (wood / C steel design by vendor)
  19. Stairs Plan and Stairs Section
  20. Swimming Pool Plan and Stairs Section
  21. Ponds Plan and Stairs Section

Items not included (Directed to Third Party Services):
  1. Land Investigation / Surveyor Services (Measurement, Sondir, Boring, Land Geoelectricity)
  2. Licensing & BOQ Creation
  3. Detailed Interior Design (Unless Picking Package Design)
  4. Feng Shui / Hong Shui Consulting Services

Video Testimonial Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Ferza

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Emporio Architect is an Architecture Services Company that provides services in designing private houses, luxury houses, modern Balinese houses, exclusive houses, villas, residential, shophouses, boarding houses, apartments, and many more.


  1. 2D Floor Plan Concept (2 Dimensions)
  2. 3D Modeling Concepts (3 Dimensions)
  3. Draft 3D Render Visualization Image (20-50 view)
  4. Fine Render Visualization Image (Visual Final)
  5. 3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video (duration +- 2 minutes)
  6. BoQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building
  7. Architectural, Structure & MEP Technical Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing): 

    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan and many more *(for buildings with two or more floors)
    3. Facade / Front View
    4. Back view
    5. Right-side view
    6. Left-side view
    7. Sections
    8. Ceiling Plan (each floor)
    9. Floor Pattern Plan (each floor)
    10. Keys Frame Plan (each floor)
    11. Frame, Window, and Door Detail
    12. Stairs Details & Stairs Structures
    13. Fence Details
    14. Main Bathroom Details
    15. Foundation and Sloof Plan
    16. Column Plan (each floor)
    17. Beam and Ring Beams Plan (each floor)
    18. Ring Beams Plan on Roof
    19. Portal
    20. Steel Reinforcement Details (Sloof, Beams, Columns)
    21. River Stone / Rock Stone Foundation Details
    22. Footplate / Borepile / Piling Details (adjustable)
    23. Slab details
    24. Pool Details (if available)
    25. Lighting Points, Sockets, Switches, and AC Points Plan for each floor
    26. Clean Water, Dirty Water, Rainwater & Wastewater Installation Plans
    27. Cold Water & Hot Water Installation Plans (if available)
    28. Septic Tank Details
    29. Infiltration Details

Items that not included (Addressed for Third Party Services):

  1. Licensing Management Services & Making BoQ
  2. Topographic Measurement Services (with theodolite)
  3. Groundwater Test Services (Cone Penetration Test / Cone Penetrometer Test)

A. For architecture services, Clients are required to provide complete information regarding the following information:

  1. Land Location and Land Size / Dimensions (scan/softcopy of land measurement results), including Building Lines boundaries that are allowed to be built (optional).
  2. Design style or preferred House Style (Classic, Modern, Tropical, Contemporary, and other style based on Client’s request.)
  3. Budget Plans for Buildings (<1M, 1-5M, >5M), this is optional as an estimation for our architect to adjust the plan and avoid overbudgeting.
  4. Spatial requirements in detail. Example:
1st Floor 2nd Floor
  1. 1 Master Bedroom
  2. 1 Master Bathroom
  3. 1 Master Bedroom’s Walk-in Closet
  4. 2 Public Bathroom
  5. 1 Maid Room
  6. 1 Maid Bathroom
  7. 1 Living Room
  8. 2 Family Room
  9. 1 Dining Room
  10. 1 Dry Kitchen
  11. 1 Wet Kitchen
  12. 1 Storage
  13. 1 Laundry & Drying Area
  14. 4-Car Garage
  15. 2-Car Carport
  16. Swimming Pool
  1. 3 Kids Bedroom + Bathroom
  2. 1 Guest Bedroom
  3. 1 Public Bathroom
  4. 1 Study Room
  5. 1 Workspace
  6. 1 Mushola/Prayer Area
  7. 1 Movie Room/Home Cinema
  8. 1 Karaoke Room
  9. 1 Gym
  10. 1 Rooftop + Gazebo
  11. Front Balcony
  12. Rear Balcony


B. For interior services, Clients are required to provide complete information regarding the following information:

  1. Clients are required to inform the fixed layout of the building’s design or existing building
  2. If Clients don’t have the layout or 3D, a survey is needed with additional fees or hire local drafters to measure the spaces. Windows, doors, etc.
  3. Clients are required to inform the sample or the reference3s of the chosen interior model.

Compared to house designs in general, Emporio Architect’s Luxurious villa-style houses usually take time about:

  1. House Architecture Design: 2-6 months (depending on the number of revisions from the clients since the revision is unlimited)
  2. House Interior Design: 2-3 months (2 revisions max)
  3. House Architecture + Interior Design: 4-8 months
  4. Hotel, Resort, Apartment, Elite Residential, and Other Commercial Property Designs: 4-12 months

Emporio Architect, since many years ago, has been used with the virtual meeting protocol, which means the whole designing process in any country in the world can be finalized without face-to-face meetings. All that’s needed are E-mail and phone number.

As the year progresses, the technology also becomes more sophisticated that can be utilized, such as WhatsApp group, Telegram group, Teamviewer, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Google Hangout, and so on, which have been a huge help to support and spread our services throughout the globe 100% virtually. Clients are also given the advantage due to much advanced 3D software that’s able to give preview accuracy and realism before the building is developed.

Technology to measure the land has also become unconventional a long time ago since the theodolite is GPS-supported, which means the clients only need to hire the land surveyor services (third-party) to acquire accurate measurement results. The measurement’s result then will be submitted to the architect via E-mail or WhatsApp Messenger for further examination. It’s much easier to draw the design if the topography/land measurement data is available.

The Client can also utilize the GPS share location feature on WhatsApp, and our architect can utilize Google Maps and Google Street View to conduct a virtual survey on the exact site without actually visiting the site. The architect can also see the surroundings using a satellite. Yup, like in spy movies.

Emporio Architect provides unlimited revisions on the layout and 3D as well. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried if the concept doesn’t fit your desire. You can also revise it while relaxing at home or even while on a family vacation. Quite straightforward, isn’t it?

Now it's your turn to make your family happy by planning House Design that is Healthy, Safe, Beautiful & Comfortable

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