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Mrs. Agung Arini Villa Bali House 2 Floors Design - Denpasar, Bali

Mrs. Agung Arini Villa Bali House 2 Floors Design - Denpasar, Bali

21 January 2013
Hi Emporio, I'm from outside the area, can I design my house? Is it possible without a survey?

Of course you can sir/madam. You don't have to do a direct survey. Instead, just prepare the results of land measurements (topography) and share the location of the land via google maps or share the WA location for our team to check via satellite. You can also consult directly for meetings at our offices in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Surabaya, Bali or online meetings via Zoom. And if you want to be surveyed directly by our architect, you can also contact our CS.

How about the cost? percentage or per m2?

Emporio Architect uses a wide range of buildings to be designed, so that the costs are more fixed from the start.

More here: House Design Services

If I don't match the proposed design, can it be revised?

Of course you can, we even give you freedom of revision until you are completely satisfied (both floor plans and 3D models). We understand, building is a big investment, very big, so don't be sorry for an unsatisfactory design.

Will I be guided in the design process?

Of course, we understand that you don't all understand the technical aspects of building, but really want to enjoy all the benefits of building your own.

Our CS team will guide you step by step starting from collecting the necessary data, space requirements, budget, style choices, etc. Then our Architect Team will make a floor plan proposal that suits your needs and provide guidance, assistance, and consultation or QNA during the design process.

Our internal Civil Team is always on standby to receive consultations if you have technical problems while building. We also provide supervision services if you need intensive assistance and supervision during construction.

In addition, we also continue to develop educations that can increase your understanding of building design. Through various media:

  1. Design and Development Article Blog:
    Educational Blog
  2. Terms in Design:
    75 Architecture Terms that are Commonly Mentioned in House Design
  3. List of Technical Drawings for House Design Planning and Its Functions:
    List of Technical Drawings for House Design Planning
  4. Education Videos:
    Architectural Education Videos
What's the procedure?


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You can contact us via Phone / Whatsapp / Email / Order Form.
Our team will provide a price proposal / design cost.
After the proposal is approved, the team will start the design process according to the results of the discussion.
After the design is finished, we will send all the files and technical drawing to your address.
What will I get?

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I Gusti Agung Ayu Chandra Devi, S.Ars
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