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Real Testimonials of Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Ferza I

23 May 2021 
Mr. Gilang Dirga and Mrs. Adiezty Fersa Mediterranean House 3 Floors Design - Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Mr. Gilang Dirga and Mrs. Adiezty Fersa Mediterranean House 3 Floors Design - Bekasi, Jawa Barat
Video Real Testimonials of Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Ferza II
Video Real Testimonials of Gilang Dirga and Adiezty Ferza II

Why Do You Need Architects?

There are many people who are failed to fathom the importance of architects and tend to ask themselves why they need to splendor such expenses to hire architectural services when planning a house.

The fact remains that people often think hiring builders is enough to build their dream house, whereas there are a lot of broken expectations and disappointment with the decision to only rely on builders to develop the house without architects, which results in end products failures.

If you’re thinking of doing the same, here’s what you will get yourself into without hiring a capable architect to plan the building.

  • Countless miscommunication and sloppiness lead to poor development results.
  • Faulty structures often crumble the building and endanger the inhabitants.
  • Swollen expenses due to a misleading budget plan.
  • The contractors don’t have clear references to carry out the development.
  • Waste of money, time, and effort due to continuous demolition and renovation.
  • A lifetime full of regret because the dream house doesn’t meet the expectations and becomes unlivable.
  • The property looks embarrassingly unattractive due to careless finishing.
  • It costs money to develop without any investment value due to its horrible execution.
  • The property becomes dark and unhealthy due to unthorough planning.

Those are just a glimpse of many problems to face if the design and development rely heavily on builders without the help of architects in the process.

If you’re among the people that don’t consume knowledge in the field of architecture, structure, and construction, it’s only right that you hire architects who are capable of producing the best results possible, isn’t it? Fortunately, it’s much easier with Emporio Architect, who has a capable team to provide the best solution for architectural services and is ready to serve your desire to own a dream house with no complications.

The Advantages of Hiring Emporio Architect

Started operating in 2006, making Emporio Architect one of the most capable architectural services and consultancies with many advantages. Here are the advantages and benefits of hiring Emporio Architect’s services.

  1. Has 16 years of experience since our humble beginning in 2006.
  2. Has successfully shipped more than 1300+ design portfolios.
  3. Discoverable portfolio on this website to ease the finding of ideas or design references.
  4. Employed more than 45 professional, innovative, liable, and experienced architects.
  5. The design creations are globally recognized, with thousands of clients spread all over the world.
  6. Applying a 4-tier architect, where 1 project is handled and monitored by 4 architects altogether.
  7. Has a complete team that includes teams of interior, structural civil, drafters, customer services, renders, supervisors, and many others.
  8. Comes with consultation services and 100% virtual services without direct/face-to-face meetings.
Desain Terbaik 11
Desain Terbaik 3
  1. In addition of architectural services, interior services, supervising services, and other services that might be needed.
  2. Capable of tailoring house designs with various styles/themes/concepts, including Balinese Villa, Modern, Mediterranean, Classic, Ethnic, Moroccan, American, Scandinavian, and others.
  3. The design can be adjusted based on demand.
  4. The design can be adjusted based on budget.
  5. Applying a “Fine Home” philosophy for spaciousness and coziness with a vacation atmosphere without too many partitions between spaces and providing many wide openings and outdoor spaces to unwind.
  6. Architectural, structural, and MEP technical drawings included.
  7. Free 3D interior suggestions to match the building style.
  8. A Well-calculated budget plan is included as a reference when conducting a contractor tender.
  1. Able to suggest several recommended contractors for tender and development purposes.
  2. High-quality 3D design video included.
  3. Unlimited revision for layout and 3D.
  4. Freedom to consult anytime, even after the design project has been finished.
  5. The design Ideas will be visualized using ultra-realistic 3D technology.
  6. Physical studio and offices in Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta.
  7. Exclusive design with tropical nuance that increases the property’s value.
  8. The design is guaranteed to be durable, sturdy, and can be implemented/realized.
  9. Free coordination assistance during the development to ensure the property is finished properly and livable.
  10. Standardized, professional, and friendly services.
Jasa Pengawasan Pembangunan Tersedia

The points above are just a few advantages offered by Emporio Architect as a thank you sign for choosing Emporio Architect as your home planning partner. Indonesian celebrities, Mr. Gilang Dirga and Mrs. Adiezty Ferza, among thousands of others, have all benefited from those advantages.

You certainly don’t want to miss out, do you? Don’t take the wrong steps that will leave you miserable and suffer huge financial losses. Grab a phone and call our customer services right away and book your architect while we’re still available. The queue line is getting longer and longer from all over the world, so don’t waste any more time and grab this opportunity of a lifetime to own your very own exclusive villa-styled home. Click here to start your consultation!

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