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  1 December 2021


Greetings Saudi Arabia and we thank you for taking your precious time to visit Emporio Architect’s website. Emporio Architect is an integrated architecture consultant that have achieved more than 1000 mind-blowing designs of which 80% of them were done without conducting a single direct meeting. That’s correct, Emporio Architect has the capability to go full-online services. Emporio Architect was founded in 2006 and renowned in African and Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and many.

Our main goal is and always has been to satisfy our clients through eye-catching designs. Emporio Architect has arrived and ready at your service for new opportunity to realize your architecture dream in Saudi Arabia. If you’re in looking to hire architect services that’s experienced and credence to design commercial or private buildings such as; private houses, guesthouses, luxury/minimalist houses, vacation houses, residential, hospital, real estate, shopping mall, office, villa, cottage, dorm/dormitory, resorts, bungalows, hotels and many other buildings.

Emporio Architect is covering almost all cities in Saudi Arabia and distance will not be a drag for us since our instruction for online consultation is simple to follow. Emporio Architect always pleases and improvises to every requests. Putting lot of efforts on the design guarantees its aesthetic value still in tag. Emporio Architect ensures that your property will have better value of investment. Here are some of Emporio Architect’s online architect services:

"Planning and Realize Your Healthy, Safe, Lovely and Comfortable House with Emporio Architect"
  • Luxury House Design
  • Minimalist House Design
  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Residence Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm & Dormitory Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Hostel Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Office Design
  • School/College Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Shopping Mall/Mini Market Design
  • Salon/Spa Design
  • Restaurant/Cafe Design
  • And Many Others


This function places the family as the first place to introduce culture and religion to children. Families will teach religious culture and ethical teaching principles to children which hopefully will lead to a better personality. This function can be amplified by designing a prayer space that does not only exist as a facility for guests but is made interesting and arranged in such a way to make a family wants to be closer to God according to their respective beliefs. House design has a specialty to make its owner feel more blessed. In addition, this function will also direct children to be more religious in the future. Something that is generally very desired by a large family of residents in Saudi Arabia. Apart from the capability to fulfill those functions, Emporio Architect offers a variety of exquisite offers. Here are some of those:


With 15 years of experience creating the most magnificent architectural designs anyone could have dreamt of, Emporio Architect is confidence to reach every standard for our clients. It is proven with our portfolio that counts more than 1000 designs produced. We are offering something more than just affordable services, Emporio Architect strives through high-quality design. With clients that are spread in Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Africa and most countries in Southeast Asia, it shows that we are ready to grab new clients in more countries. Emporio Architect is vastly growing which results in the presence of five offices and a studio of our own. We do recommend to use our online service but should you want to visit one of our offices you can certainly do so. Emporio Architect’s offices are situated in Bali-Indonesia, Jakarta-Indonesia, Bandung-Indonesia, Yogyakarta-Indonesia and Bengaluru-India. Our attentive services are indeed one of the best ones you can find in Saudi Arabia.


Do you want to accomplish your goal of building a dream home, but have your hands tied on a limited budget? With Emporio Architect services, money has never been a roadblock in making marvelous design work. A design that even the most minimum budget can handle. Our team of architects is able to work an economical home design without abandoning comfortable and luxurious values. Clients can take advantage of our budget features; Based on Demand or Based on Budget feature. Even though our budget feature is divided, the quality of the designs will not be affected. High-quality results are always on the table. Emporio Architect always pays attention to the quality of the design, best service possible and client satisfaction. We are capable of solving your finances to build the best architectural design that’s in range with your pocket.


Emporio Architect provides an engrossing and all-in-one design package for all of our clients. The extras include unlimited appearance revision and consultation, 2-minutes 3D video, Interior 3D suggestions, architectural, structural and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) design drawings. We also will help our clients in creating an estimated budget calculation that has been summarized beforehand. The structural design as well as MEP drawings have been strategized, calculated and will be placed in the most strategic areas that will be perfect for cables, pipes and other placements. These structural drawings are also helpful to progress a smoother construction so that the building will be built faster without any fatal deficiencies. Other than that, these well-calculated architectural drawings are created using the latest technology to produce the most realistic and easy-to-process results.


Besides emphasizing client satisfaction and exceeding their high expectations, Emporio Architect always prioritizes design quality one step beyond any others. In achieving that, each design is being handled and monitored by four architects; leading architect, senior architect, intermediate architect and junior architects to ensure that the design can be built safely, detailed, easy to understand and 100% can be implemented by selected constructors. All of our architects are easy to communicate with and friendly. They are all welcome and open to discuss via WhatsApp messenger and a WhatsApp group can also be utilized for better and easier coordination. Clients can openly invite anybody into the group for ideas. Emporio Architect always goes on a maximum effort to lock your trust and accomplish your dream home design.


Emporio Architect is the answer if you are looking for design services that are able to handle the design thoroughly online. You can start tracking our services by accessing the Emporio Architect's website where all information regarding procedures, pricings and portfolios as well as testimonies are all posted. Emporio Architect provides online design services where the communication and designing process are done 100% online using WhatsApp, Skype and TeamViewer to save your money, time and energy at once. Now, you can start realizing your dream to build your home without leaving your house or while working from home. Emporio Architect has the overall online services success rate up to 80% without having to meet with clients at all. Clients are also able to observe the progress of the design through teamviewer directly from where they’re sitting.


Emporio Architect is always easy going when it comes to styles and customizations. We are ready to support your customized concept home and we surely have the capability to execute your demands. Apart from that, Emporio Architect also has five exclusive building styles, which are; Modern Tropical Style, Classic Tropical Style, Scandinavian Tropical Style, Mediterranean Tropical Style and Bali Villa Tropical Style. Each style has its exceptional value, characteristics and uniqueness that are beloved generally. You are free to choose one of these five styles or you can create your building style or other design concepts to the design. Emporio Architect team is versatile and craving for new and brilliantly fresh ideas. We are certainly more than qualified to realize your exclusive property designs that can enhance the prestige and investment value in the future. These styles are essential to provide a profitable future once you decided to sell the house.


The processing of a precise design is indeed complicated and takes a lot of time and work. This is why Emporio Architect goes on full-force with the best technology any architecture firm could have asked. Along with our well-educated Rendering & Modeling team, we are ensuring our clients will obtain the most fabulous design result they could’ve hoped. Our team guarantees the most delicate visualization that looks absolutely stunning and clear enough to intercept any fatal errors that might occur during the construction stage. Something that none of us would want. Supported with a complete team in Emporio Architect’s big family, this technology is also functional to make faster progress on the development. Clients also will be able to imagine how it feels to live inside of the house as well. Emporio Architect uses the same technology to create interior designs that you can get, visit for further steps on our interior services.


Have you thought about it? Do not ruin your opportunity of a lifetime by choosing the wrong architect to hire. Emporio Architect has been spreading joy since 2006 and worthy enough to accomplish your dream and meet your expectation. We are truly one of the best architects in Saudi Arabia that you can reach right now. Book us right away and visit our main website on for more information and do not hesitate to say hello to our customer care by calling one of our offices or WhatsApp. Here are the covered areas of our online architecture services in Saudi Arabia.

  • Abha
  • Abqaiq
  • Abu `Arish
  • Ad Darb
  • Ad Dawadimi
  • Ad Dilam
  • Adh Dhibiyah
  • Afif
  • Al Artawiyah
  • Al Awjam
  • Al Bahah
  • Al Battaliyah
  • Al Bukayriyah
  • Al Fuwayliq
  • Al Hada
  • Al Hufuf
  • Al Jafr
  • Al Jaradiyah
  • Al Jubayl
  • Al Jubayl
  • Al Jumum
  • Al Khafji
  • Al Kharj
  • Al Majaridah
  • Al Markaz
  • Al Mindak
  • Al Mithnab
  • Al Mubarraz
  • Al Munayzilah
  • Al Mutayrifi
  • Al Muwayh
  • Al Qarah
  • Al Qatif
  • Al Qurayn
  • Al Wajh
  • Al-`Ula
  • An Nimas
  • Ar Rass
  • Arar
  • As Saffaniyah
  • As Sulayyil
  • Ash Shafa
  • At Taraf
  • At Tubi
  • Az Zulfi
  • Badr Hunayn
  • Buraydah
  • Dammam
  • Dhahran
  • Duba
  • Farasan
  • Hafar Al-Batin
  • Ha'il
  • Jeddah
  • Jizan
  • Julayjilah
  • Khamis Mushait
  • Khobar
  • Marat
  • Mecca
  • Medina
  • Misliyah
  • Mizhirah
  • Mulayjah
  • Najran
  • Qaisumah
  • Qal`at Bishah
  • Qurayyat
  • Rabigh
  • Rahimah
  • Riyadh
  • Sabya
  • Safwa
  • Sajir
  • Sakakah
  • Samitah
  • Sayhat
  • Sultanah
  • Suwayr
  • Tabuk
  • Ta'if
  • Tanumah
  • Tarut
  • Tubarjal
  • Tumayr
  • Turabah
  • Turaif
  • Umm as Sahik
  • Umm Lajj
  • Yanbu
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