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Welcome Mongolia and thank you for visiting Emporio Architect’s website, a trustworthy online architecture consultant and design service. Emporio Architect provides an online architectural design service for private, commercial and public buildings such as private house, guest house, dorm/dormitory, food market, shops, restaurants, bank office, and a lot of other types of properties that you might need in Mongolia. Emporio Architect has worked on more than 800 designs in total and uncountable satisfied clients since 2006. For 14 years, Emporio Architect has become a widely recognized architect and grown into a much bigger family. Emporio Architect is determined to explore every country in Asia and we have landed in Mongolia. Mongolia is our next destination because it is a country that’s full of history, great culture and unique yet attractive annual celebrations. The Nadaam Festival, for example, a festival that draws many attentions and invites tourist to even visit the country of Mongolia. It’s also a cold and dry country, which is an ideal windy breeze to live. Many places in this country will take your breath away with their pretty and aesthetic looks. If you love milk, Mongolia is the place to be in because Mongolia has plenty of fantastic milk products. We are hoping to achieve in creating and collaborating something extraordinary with you. Emporio Architect as an online Architect in Mongolia, provides architectural services that include:

  • Luxury House Design
  • Minimalist House Design
  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Resident Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm/Dormitory Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Office Design
  • Hostel Design
  • School / Campus Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Restaurant / Cafe Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Shopping Mall / Supermarket Design
  • Salon / Spa Design
  • And Many Others


With Emporio Architect’s online service, we can ensure that your property we’re working on will have an extra aesthetic assessment and will fascinate many eyes which will instantly catch all eyes on your property. All private, public and commercial buildings should have their own values, comfort aspect and whatever attribute it may need to strengthen the investment rate through times. If managed and structured perfectly, the selling capability of your property is absolutely prosperous. Therefore, it is absolutely compulsory for architect to provide the design with the most precise planning. Without a proper plan, the structural functions will be a disaster in a later time. That is why Emporio Architect is very trusted because we have the knowledge and experience to avoid fatal errors that would leave you in deep regret. Other than that, there are other fabulous reasons why Emporio Architect is what you should prefer, such as:


    Consultation is a step that appears as a follow-up to your interests and a crucial stage in architecture services. This step needs to be taken seriously to avoid both parties’ misdirection moving further. Emporio Architect provides the most convenient online consultation with our architects using several applications that are easy to have and install. Consultations can be easily organized using WhatsApp Messenger, Skype or Zoom. Clients also need to have Teamviewer installed to oversee the progression of the design’s presentation. Emporio Architect also provides 4 choices of styles that are popular, such as; Classic Tropical Style, Mediterranean Tropical Style, Modern Tropical Style and Bali-Villa Tropical Style. The difference of each style can be learned on any of our social media accounts and through consultation.


    Emporio Architect also provides tremendous service to formulate the most affordable architecture design based on whatever budget availability on you. It’s such a perfect solution for those with extra-limited budget. Our Architect’s team will create an adjustment So that the design will optimize the client’s budget without going over the limit. We will be pleased to give assistance to our clients in providing the best budget solutions. Emporio Architect has operated two budget features that prove to be helpful; based-on-budget (for medium and low budget clients) and based-on-demand (upper budget clients). We are not only willing but also looking forward to working on your medium or low budget and present a design that’s equally magnificent without costing finances confusion at the end of the project. However, if you’re on a higher or even unlimited budget, it is best to use our default feature which is based-on-demand for a maximum result that puts you in a much happier situation.


    After 14 years of great experiences and excellent services, Emporio Architect has acquired the most realistic and sophisticated 3D drawings there is to offer. It allows our clients to experience the clearest 3D preview of every angle of their property that has been wrapped. Moreover, the 3D preview is helpful for our team to intercept any unnoticeable errors to make the construction’s progress of the property runs a lot smoother. Our team and division are also growing bigger as we continue to develop the best team line up with careful selections. Every member of Emporio Architect’s family has the skills, knowledge and experience to provide the most functional design. The property’s safety is what we care the most. Our team is well-organized and has the skill to forestall fatal errors that could bring problems to your property.


    In addition to an already stronger team at Emporio Architect, we have become a lot more solid with complete divisions that include the team of architects, modelling & rendering, drafters, research and development, civils and the finest interior team that’s more than prepared to walk the walk. Every division is definitely capable and has what it takes to give you the dream design and walk you through every piece of the problem that needs solutions. Every division will be directly involved in making sure that the design meets the safety and quality standard to provide our clients with better life quality. Emporio Architect’s team has the characteristic of strong will to streamline the most creative problem-solving, well-educated and graduated from the top universities in Indonesia. What’s even more extraordinary is every project is also being handled by four architects namely; a leading architect and the founder of Emporio Architect, an architect team leader, an intermediate architect, and a junior architect.


    Emporio Architect offers such an abundance of bonuses in one complete design package. We have included mechanical, electrical and plumbing structure, architectural technical design, structural technical design, calculated budget estimation summary, 2 minutes of property’s 3D video, unlimited virtual consultation and an unlimited revision of floorplan and 3D layout without any additional cost. Emporio Architect also includes free 3D suggestion which will help clients to select the right furniture for their property. With these suggestions, deciding the placement of couch, cupboards, drawers, kitchen set and other furniture will now be a whole lot easier. Our interior team also runs its own interior services and also quite affordable as well. It is recommended to use our interior services to maximize the property and blend both worlds beautifully. Visit for complete understanding.


Start making your dream property design comes true with the best online architectural service experience with Emporio Architect. We can guarantee the quality of the design goes in the same path with the latest technology that can eliminate all the deficiencies in your property and will be completely durable to be your safe haven for a long time. Emporio Architect provides only the best and highest design quality that we can offer. Our skills in converting your ideas to reality are what gets us to more than 800 clients worldwide. Our design is detailed, well-structured and it’s all you ever need. Book your online architecture services right away and give our interior services a visit on These are the areas we’re covering in Mongolia.

  • Altai
  • Arvayheer
  • Baruun Urt
  • Bayanhongor
  • Bayanhongor
  • Bulgan
  • Choyr
  • Dalandzadgad
  • Darhan
  • Dzuunharaa
  • Dzuunmod
  • Erdenet
  • Harhorin
  • Hovd
  • Kharkhorin
  • Khovd
  • Mandalgovi
  • Murun Kuren
  • Oelgii
  • Saynshand
  • Suhbaatar
  • Tosontsengel
  • Tsetserleg
  • Ulaangom
  • Ulan Bator
  • Uliastay
  • Undurkhaan
  • Zuunmod



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Building Area 1300 m2 , Front Width of Land 30 m
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