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Greetings Malaysia, thank you for visiting Emporio Architect’s website. Emporio Architect has showed up and ready to serve you. With more than 777 designs accomplished, we are widely known and renowned on our capability to please our loyal customer. With our passion to serve without distance limitations, we certainly wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to start our exciting service in one of the most beloved cities in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur.

Emporio Architect is a professional architect that creates outstanding design of villas, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, residences and other profitable buildings. We also create house design of any kind such as private houses, guest houses, luxurious houses, exclusive houses, vacation houses and many more. We are founded in 2006 and we have covered all areas in Indonesia and India. We have decided to choose Malaysia as our next prospect of clients. Our credibility cannot be taken for granted and we are surely trustworthy to handle your future building’s design.


Emporio Architect always steps up to improvise and pleases every client’s requests. We will not only work to design your future building but way beyond that. You will want to make your building to have its aesthetic aspect and better value for long-term investment. Beside those, here are why you should put your trust on Emporio Architect:

1. Design with Complete Package

Apart from our professionalism when dealing with clients, we always ensure our clients get the best deal that they can get. Hence, we have included more than just the building’s design. A lot of side projects have been put into the price of one. They are; interiors 3D design suggestion, two-minutes duration of building’s 3D video, and budget estimation that will be helpful for you to calculate your money’s outcome. In the end of all these projects, you will get a clear image of what your building would be like after it’s been built. You can also imagine yourself as you are inside of the building through the 3D design. If you want to create your own style of interior, you can visit our interior’s website at for full information.

2. Using Realistic 3D Technology

Running an architecture firm means commitment from the get-go. That is exactly why Emporio Architect does not play around when it comes to choosing the best equipment and rendering system to create the best 3D result possible. Supported with intelligent brains behind the screens, Emporio Architect guarantees our clients will get the best preview on their 3D building’s design. Our innovation in exploiting the latest technology produces visualisation that looks incredibly evident and looks exactly the same to what your building is going to be after its presence. We don’t take the visualisation lightly because we always strive ourselves to please our clients and to be the best architect they can find anywhere. Therefore, if you are in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, do not hesitate to give us a call and let us do the rest.

3. Flexibility to Consult

This is the earliest task that we do to ensure that we can fill in the blanks of what our clients want for their future building. Emporio Architect has several methods to greet the clients in subject to start consultation. We utilize WhatsApp messenger because it’s a suitable application to utilize its features to send back and forth massages, video calls, voice notes and voice calls. WhatsApp also happens to be one of the most downloaded chat messengers in the world and people from coast to coast should have WhatsApp Messenger on their phones. Other than WhatsApp Messenger, we also usually use Skype and TeamViewer to conduct meetings with clients anywhere and anytime. Smooth communication is very crucial during the designing process to avoid miscommunication with clients. This is a good way to deal with those who are extremely busy and have so very little time to direct meeting as well as clients from abroad. What happens if you’re abroad and still need us to held direct meeting? All we need is plane tickets and accommodation, easy as that.

4. Budget is Calculated Clearly

Emporio Architect is the sole solution when it comes to combining price and results to equally balanced. Not only do we have the experience, we heave ourselves to provide the best price for our clients. When it comes to budgeting, the decision and the process will depend entirely on the client’s demand. We have split the methods to various customers’ budget accordingly. If a client asks for low and medium type of budget, we will adjust the design to match the budget still with a note that the result will satisfy our clients. If you’re on high budget, you can pretty much demand everything and the design will be magnificently good. It doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, our effort will stay on maximum because your satisfaction is our main priority.

5. Accurate on Time Management and Scheduling System

With 14 years of experience and high-quality service, Emporio Architect has a neat team structural that’s well-organized in time management and scheduling system. We can always adjust our schedule to fit our client’s busy schedule. Every piece of information also can be easily accessed on Emporio Architect’s website at or you can give our customer care a call. We always try our best to execute the design on time with maximum result. But do note that one of our clients’ advantage is unlimited revisions of layout, floorplan and 3D that’s going to take a longer time to finish a design. We will not stop the production at any cost and the only way to end our project is your approval.

6. Unlimited Revisions of Layout, 3D and Floorplan

Other than main bonuses that include interiors 3D design suggestion, two-minutes duration of building’s 3D video, and budget estimation, clients will have the privilege to have unlimited revisions until it gets your approval. We always accept your opinion to revise our work because it is an assumption to a new experience for us. We will happily revise the floorplan, layout and 3D visualisation with no limits. This feature is free of charge, we will not ask for additional charge in every revision. Therefore, if you have new and fresh ideas, do not waste anymore time and tell us straight away. However, we will not tolerate the revision that’s going to modify the concept that was agreed on earlier stage of consultation.

7. Small to Large Space Transformation

If you have purchased a limited land to build the building, hiring an architect is absolutely necessary. Architects have the capability and the coordination skill to think of a solution that would transform smaller space of land to a design that shows spacious area on the inside. This is not easy, but with knowledge, experience and good coordination among the team, it’s not an impossible thing to solve. We always look upon limited area as a serious challenge that can always be handled. Emporio Architect along with our well-educated and experienced team, we impose upon limited space to provide our client’s luxury building design with unique concept and spacious space between rooms.

8. Elegant Emporio Architect’s Tropical Style

Emporio Architect always recommends the best solutions for the client, such as choosing the right type of style for the building itself. We offer 4 top options for styling that fits to the climate. Combining Malaysia’s climate which is tropical with the most popular building styles from all over the world. Emporio Architect creates 4 awesome styles, namely; Villa Bali Tropical Style, Modern Tropical Style, Classic Tropical Style, Mediterranean Tropical Style and other customized styles based on client’s request. These styles are chosen because the popularity and be exotic vibes that are attached to each style. Each style can be differentiated on the form, the characteristics, the interiors and the display of the building without significantly losing the luxury look and the value. In our hands, any style you choose will be enticing and will draw you in straight away.

9. 100% Design Implementation

Emporio Architect understands that deciding to do a big project such as hiring an architect to design a house takes a lot of planning and discussions. It is the right thing to do because it’s important to hire an architect instead of doing all the hard work by yourself and take all the risks that’s going to prove fatal in the future. With Emporio Architect’s service, we always guarantee that every finished design can be applied to the actual building. it’s because we actually used to run a construction service before. Even though we don’t do it any longer, our connections lead to the best constructors to work with. Not every architecture firms can implement the design to be the exact same, but we have carefully chosen the very best constructor to make it more than possible to do so. Put your doubt away and trust us.

10. Future Profit is In Your Hands

Every building that has been built takes a lot of money and efforts. The investment is expensive and takes a long time to build. Emporio Architect cares and understands the investment value of a building is important, especially the clients who expect an architect could increase the long-term value investment. There are many aspects that can ruin the value of a building. The most crucial is the look of the house. The prettier your house is, the better rate it’s going to be valued. That is why architects are important because we always see through problems and solving them before the problems actually exist. The durability is the key factor when you decide to sell the house. Emporio Architect commits in taking care of your building’s foundation and the durability factor will not be in your way to bring you a lot of profits.

11. Most Importantly, Your Building is Safe and Properly Designed

Here is another thing that needs to be observed in every step of the way. The strength of a building has to be considered in the earliest stage. This could avoid any accidents that could be fatal in the future. It is our job and responsibility to ensure the safety of our client’s building. The structural drawing of the foundation and the organizing-plan of mechanical, electrical and plumbing are substantial. Emporio Architect continually focuses on these safety aspects by carefully creating strategies that would improve the strength, stability, health, aesthetic and comfort of the building without going way beyond client’s economic situation. We always prioritize our client’s safety and providing them the best service an architecture firm could give.


Emporio Architect serves all clients from all over the world that need extraordinary architect. Without limitations, these are the sercives provided by Emporio Architect in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Luxury House Design Service
  • Minimalist House Design Service
  • Private Villa Design Service
  • Villa Complex Design Service
  • Resident Design Service
  • Bungalow Design Service
  • Resort Design Service
  • Hotel Design Service
  • Shophouse Design Service
  • Apartment Design Service
  • Dorm/Dormitory Design Service
  • Guest House Design Service
  • Lodge Design Service
  • Office Design Service
  • Hostel Design Service
  • School / Campus Design Service
  • Mosque Design Service
  • Church Design Service
  • Restaurant / Cafe Design Service
  • Cottage Design Service
  • Vacation House Design Service
  • Shopping Mall / Supermarket Design Service
  • Salon / Spa Design Service
  • And Many Others

If you’re still in doubt to choose our service somehow, you can have a long look at our portfolio and testimonies from our satisfied customers. For further questions regarding our service, do not hesitate to chat or call us.

Classic Tropical Style
Mediterranean Tropical Style
Modern Tropical Style
Villa Bali Tropical Style
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