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  5 October 2021


Greetings Kazakhstan and thank you for landing on our Website. Have you ever heard of Emporio Architect? Emporio Architect is a leading online architect consultant that provides spectacular architectural design services. Emporio Architect has arrived in Kazakhstan and even though we can’t accompany you eating some Beshbarmark. Still, we sure can realize your dream to live in a well-structured building in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is beautiful and very unique to be explored because it’s a country that melts both Asia and Europe together.

Kazakhstan surrounded by five countries and is the bridge that connects East Asia and Europe. If you are interested in landing your feet in Kazakhstan, you surely need a roof to stay in. Emporio Architect is ready to provide a private house design, guesthouse, vacation house, private office, private house, villa, private villa, mosque, shopping mall and other commercial or public buildings as well. With a lifelong achievement of surpassing 1000 designs since 2006, Emporio Architect has dealt with clients from almost every country in Southeast Asia.

Emporio Architect is the choice if you want your design to be easily implemented on the construction. We are now holding our pens to note your bookings if you’re in Kazakhstan with the hope that we can collaborate with you in realizing your dream property. Emporio Architect also has limitless flexibility, easy-going and all-around team that guarantees your future building to have aesthetic and great-durability value.

"Planning and Realize Your Healthy, Safe, Lovely and Comfortable House with Emporio Architect"
  • Luxury House Design
  • Minimalist House Design
  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Residence Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm & Dormitory Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Hostel Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Office Design
  • School/College Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Shopping Mall/Mini Market Design
  • Salon/Spa Design
  • Restaurant/Cafe Design
  • And Many Others


For 15 years, Emporio Architect has given something that’s beyond special and made clients left wanting more and more. Fantastic designs, friendly fees and features with a lot of inclusive are free to grab before your picturesque design is handed over to you. Emporio Architect has also spread our services in order to give advantage for all clients to try our excellent services and features that go along with it.

Our experience and efforts to earn your trust don’t stop just yet. Our teams are glad and can’t wait to start our services in Kazakhstan and help you in achieving your dream property. Build your own kingdom in Kazakhstan right away and start consulting with our architects. Here are other reasons why Emporio Architect should be your number one pick when it comes to architectural:


Consultation is one of the most crucial sessions that need to be held as soon as both parties agree to collaborate. The first consultation with our team will mainly discuss the primary concept that will be applied to your property. It will also discuss the land and space requirements and a few references for better execution on the 3D concept that will be designed. Now, consultation with our team can be handled in a much simpler way, Emporio Architect has the easiest and non-charged consultation that can be conducted by online video call consultation using WhatsApp Messenger, Zoom and Skype. Direct or face-to-face meetings are now unnecessary. Clients can now save more time, effort and most importantly, their money without having to require flight tickets to meet with our architects.


If you value an excellent service with a super-complete design package in a single order, Emporio Architect is the one that offers what you just need. Our design package can easily suit the necessities requirement and useful for smoother construction progress. With this package, our clients will receive many inclusions in the project other than only design. In expressing our gratitude for working with you, we are proposing a tremendous deal with many essential additions that include architectural design and structural map drawing, M.E.P (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), 3D interior suggestion, ±2 minutes 3D video of the property, estimated budget calculation, unlimited online consultation with our architects anytime and anywhere. Emporio Architect always works hard to improve our online service and work-rate to please our clients anywhere in the world, especially in Kazakhstan.


Emporio Architect also has a mission to ensure the clients in getting a design quality that no other architecture firms can provide. One of the steps we took is one design project is being supervised and carried out by 4 architects altogether. These 4 architects consist of a leading architect and Emporio Architect’s owner, a junior architect, an intermediate architect and an architect team leader. All of these four architects will operate the whole design processes together and discuss thoroughly to meet your expectations. Emporio Architect’s 4-architects system puts the design project as the center of the discussion, which means the quality, the architectural plan and the safety are 100% insured. Clients can now sleep safe and sound knowing that their project is handled by 4 experienced, professional and knowledgeable architects to transform your future property to be aesthetic, secure and guaranteed to be easily implemented.


Emporio Architect as one of the best architecture firms in Kazakhstan can make architectural design according to your budget and demand. Everything and every move that our architects make will be circulated on those points that include the choice of materials and building types and spaces that fit your budget. In reverse, if the budget was never a problem in the first place, it is very recommended to go all out and choose our based on demand feature. It gives our architects the ultimate freedom to formulate the very best and most functional property that you could ever dream of. Emporio Architect’s based on demand feature us the default and will be automatically activated. We suggest to all of our clients if the budget is limited, be sure to give notice during the first consultations. The different feature does not mean lower quality and we dare to ensure that both features offer luxurious with high-quality materials.


Emporio Architect wants to be different than the other architecture firms by inventing its own architectural design style that combines the most elegant and popularly timeless design in the world in accordance with Emporio Architect’s philosophy of what a divine looks like. Therefore, Emporio Architect presents these four special and luxurious styles for your options; Classic Tropical Style, Mediterranean Tropical Style, Modern Tropical Style and Bali Villa Tropical Style. Clients can also create their own philosophized styles of their own. We do recommend our clients to pick these four styles because these styles are extremely popular and chosen by most of our clients anywhere in the world. It’s also suitable for any climate of any country because of its exoticism and magnificent-looking appearance of the façade.


Are you still imagining or have plans to build your dream property with our help in Kazakhstan? Grab a phone and give our customer care a call because Emporio Architect is now available to pen your bookings. Start consulting with our team by reaching EMporio Architect on one of our office’s phone or WhatsApp Messenger. Our customer care will give you the warmest greetings, especially if you live in one of the areas below.

  • Abay
  • Akkol'
  • Aksu
  • Aksu
  • Aksuat
  • Aktas
  • Aktau
  • Aktau
  • Aktau
  • Aktobe
  • Almaty
  • Aqadyr
  • Aqsay
  • Aral
  • Arkalyk
  • Arys
  • Ashchysay
  • Astana
  • Astrakhan
  • Asubulaq
  • Asyqata
  • Atakent
  • Atasu
  • Atbasar
  • Atyrau
  • Ayagoz
  • Ayteke Bi
  • Baikonur
  • Bakanas
  • Balkashino
  • Balpyk Bi
  • Balqash
  • Balykshi
  • Batamshinskiy
  • Bayanaul
  • Bayganin
  • Belousovka
  • Belyye Vody
  • Bestobe
  • Beyneu
  • Bishkul
  • Borodulikha
  • Borovskoy
  • Bulayevo
  • Burabay
  • Burunday
  • Chapaev
  • Chardara
  • Chayan
  • Chemolgan
  • Chingirlau
  • Chu
  • Chulakkurgan
  • Derzhavinsk
  • Dossor
  • Dzhalagash
  • Dzhambeyty
  • Dzhangala
  • Dzhetygara
  • Ekibastuz
  • Embi
  • Esik
  • Esil
  • Fedorovka
  • Fort-Shevchenko
  • Fyodorovka
  • Georgievka
  • Georgiyevka
  • Glubokoye
  • Inderbor
  • Irtyshsk
  • Kalkaman
  • Kandyagash
  • Kantagi
  • Kapshagay
  • Karagandy
  • Karatau
  • Kegen
  • Kentau
  • Khromtau
  • Kievka
  • Kokshetau
  • Komsomolets
  • Kostanay
  • Kurchatov
  • Kurchum
  • Kyzylorda
  • Kyzyl-Orda
  • Kzyltu
  • Lenger
  • Leninskiy
  • Leninskoye
  • Lepsy
  • Lisakovsk
  • Lugovoy
  • Lugovoye
  • Makhambet
  • Makinsk
  • Maloye Ganyushkino
  • Maqat
  • Martuk
  • Mayqayyng
  • Merke
  • Mikhaylovka
  • Miyaly
  • Moyynkum
  • Myrzakent
  • Novoishimskiy
  • Oral
  • Osakarovka
  • Otegen Batyra
  • Oytal
  • Pavlodar
  • Pervomayka
  • Petropavl
  • Priozersk
  • Qaraton
  • Qarauyl
  • Qarazhal
  • Qarqaraly
  • Qashar
  • Qashyr
  • Qazaly
  • Qulsary
  • Qusmuryn
  • Ridder
  • Rudnyy
  • Sarkand
  • Saryaghash
  • Saryozek
  • Sastobe
  • Sekseuil
  • Semey
  • Sergeyevka
  • Shakhan
  • Shakhtinsk
  • Shalkar
  • Shalqar
  • Shantobe
  • Shar
  • Shchuchinsk
  • Shemonaikha
  • Shetpe
  • Shieli
  • Shortandy
  • Shubarkuduk
  • Shubarshi
  • Shymkent
  • Smirnovo
  • Soran
  • Stepnogorsk
  • Taiynsha
  • Taldykorgan
  • Talghar
  • Taraz
  • Tasboget
  • Tasqala
  • Tekeli
  • Temirlanovka
  • Temirtau
  • Terenozek
  • Tobol
  • Torghay
  • Tughyl
  • Turar Ryskulov
  • Turgen
  • Turkestan
  • Tyuratam
  • Urzhar
  • Ush-Tyube
  • Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • Ust'-Talovka
  • Yanykurgan
  • Yeraliyev
  • Yermentau
  • Zavodskoy
  • Zaysan
  • Zhanaozen
  • Zhanga Buqtyrma
  • Zhangatas
  • Zhanibek
  • Zharkent
  • Zhelezinka
  • Zhetibay
  • Zhezkent
  • Zhezqazghan
  • Zholymbet
  • Zhosaly
  • Zhumysker
  • Zyryanovsk
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