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  1 December 2021


Hello and welcome Iran, you’ve just clicked Emporio Architect’s website. Emporio Architect is an online architect consultant that provides a variety of commercial, private or public and building design services. If you ever want to create properties such as a luxury house, vacation house, minimalist house, guesthouse, private villas, cottages, hospital, pharmacy, clinic, dorm/dormitory, mini market, shopping malls, shophouses, café, restaurants, apartments, offices, mosque, hotel, resort, schools/universities and a lot of others, Emporio Architect is what you need.

The scope services of Emporio Architect are pretty broad and have gone international with its online services that reach a variety of countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Africa and will be increasingly strolled in every state in Southeast Asia. Emporio Architect offers a full-service feature that gives you a complete design package service without any additions of the fee. Emporio Architect is capable of providing 100% architecture design services online which means no direct meetings are necessary and using only mobile and internet supports. Started in 2006, Emporio Architect has served 1000 design services for 15 years.

Our entire design results and portfolios are showcased across all of our social media platforms and on this website. You can also see our client’s satisfied testimonies. Emporio Architect now has five offices and a physical studio in Bengaluru-India, Bali - Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia, Bandung – Indonesia and Yogyakarta - Indonesia. We can give all the guarantee in the world that will have the most architecture services that you can get.

"Planning and Realize Your Healthy, Safe, Lovely and Comfortable House with Emporio Architect"
  • Luxury House Design
  • Minimalist House Design
  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Residence Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm & Dormitory Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Hostel Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Office Design
  • School/College Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Shopping Mall/Mini Market Design
  • Salon/Spa Design
  • Restaurant/Cafe Design
  • And Many Others


Emporio Architect is always committed to providing the most valuable deal our clients can get. Their comfort of using our services can’t be traded by anything in the world. It’s true that the services of architects are crucial and can’t be overlooked when building a property, especially a house knowing very well you’re going to live for a very long time in it. The work of an experienced architect is definitely going to elevate your property into something that’s much more magnificent rather than just using constructors only.

If you have set your mind straight and ready to build a house or any building, Emporio Architect has something different to offer. Using our service means you are one step away for greatness because Emporio Architect can accomplish all your dreams to build a perfect and structured design plan. Emporio Architect has 15 years of experience and our extensive knowledge can help you to streamline the process which leads to smoother construction progress. Along with those points, here are a few among many benefits Emporio Architect.


First of all, this feature is what makes Emporio Architect has such overwhelming accomplishments. We are able to provide design creation with the most uncomplicated consultation and communication protocol that can be followed without problems. 80% of our design portfolios are done online as well. We can reach such numbers because of the superiority of our online architecture design services do not have any decreasing characters and quality at all. Emporio Architect knows how to produce the same quality of your project even though it’s 100% online and only by utilizing simple supportive apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype that has voice/ video chat feature and Teamviewer to present the screen-share progress of your project. You can still control the project without even leaving your kitchen while you prepare your daily coffee. Not only that, we can give all the insurances that the design can be implemented by your cunstroctors.


In an effort to put your budget at ease, Emporio Architect gives an excellent proposition for our clients by providing two ways of budget problem-solving. Apart from a summarized budget estimation that is given as a complimentary addition to the design package, Emporio Architect provides freedom for our clients to choose the services that fit their budget. Therefore, clients can make a choice between based on budget design on demand feature. Upon consultation, we will brief you thoroughly so that you understand where your expenses will be relocated in detail. Our commitment to providing what’s the best solution for our clients starts here. Clients will have full control of their money. We still recommend using our default feature which is automatically activated if budget is never a problem in the first place which is design that’s based on demand.


Emporio Architect has the quality to select materials that hit the jackpot. The right choice of materials can hugely affect the final fee of construction, which is why we will choose the materials that fit your budget. Emporio Architect is experienced and very capable of guiding your material selections to maximize your budget. With our expansive knowledge, we understand the different benefits and the drawbacks of varying material types. We can execute various levels of windows quality, walls, floors, doors and others that can impact and extend your limited budget. Our team can also help to conserve Energy-saving for your property by planning better circulation access on your electricity consumption. Therefore, even if we have based on budget feature, you can still extend your limited budget without abandoning the quality of materials that are such crucial parts of the durability factor of your property.


Emporio Architect uses the very best 3D technology to ensure the creation of a particular building’s design as well as other structures. This technology helps our architect to create the most magnificent façade of the building, to provide the most satisfying preview for the clients, to perfecting the design drawings and, most importantly, to ensure the best safety that’s easy to digest during construction. Of course, even the best technology will not function without the wheels behind the machine. Emporio Architect has acquired the most advanced and intelligent team to operate the most sophisticated 3D technology on the market. Technology has gotten more and more crucial aspects of architecture recently, which is why Emporio Architect is able to make the most gorgeous designs that can be seen on our social media accounts. This technology also benefits to the construction’s progress that will run smoother.


It takes such a high risk to build your house without proper planning from an experienced architect. A threat so great that it can cause you a life full of regrets once you figured something is not quite right in your property that can cause inevitable accidents. Emporio Architect, on the other hand, is well-experienced with previous knowledge as contractors and ready to take full responsibility for structural engineering. The structural system is going to be created not only by our team but also will be supervised and led by four architects. Emporio Architect will exert four architects that include a leading architect and Emporio Architect’s owner, a senior architect, an intermediate architect and a junior architect all at once. By always concentrating on our clients’ safety, Emporio Architect gives full attention to perfectly execute the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, installations of air conditioner points, lights points, sockets, switches and other necessities to circulate a lower energy consumption.


Like we have promised over and over again, Emporio Architect offers an abundance of bonuses and benefits in a single architectural design package. Emporio Architect has included an estimated budget calculation that has been summarized in advance, 2-minute 3D video of your property, revision of the appearance as well as consultations are limitless, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and free of charge 3D interior suggestions. Apart from those bonuses, we are guaranteeing the durability factor of your property will be as strong as the biggest tree on earth because we have included the most accurate and well-planned structural drawing. Not only is it created by an expert, it also takes an extended amount of time to strategize thoroughly by our researchers' squad. Emporio Architect shouldn’t be doubted because we have dealt with a lot of usual problems that commonly occur in the construction flawlessly.


Emporio Architect also has an integrated interior service “Emporio Interior” that you should definitely check out. Emporio Interior provides 100% online Interior design services that are safe, easy and affordable. Our services can help you to have a dream interior design for your private home, office or villa with a charming looking elegancy. Emporio Interior is focused on providing the service of custom interior manufacture based on your needs. Emporio Interior also provides free and unlimited consultation regarding your interior needs and serves all regions in Iran. Our portfolios are also being showcased across every social media accounts or you can check full information and further guidance on how to order at


Emporio Architect has a lot to offer o the table. Not only do we take you out of the risks of a failed construction result, but we are also the right architect to collaborate with. Emporio Architect is also very straightforward with every little information that can be accessed on our website. No hidden fees will come to the surface and gives you a shock therapy. Emporio Architect always puts smiles on clients’ faces by providing the best offers any architecture firm can give with wonderful services as well. Book our architecture services now and visit for more information about our interior services. Thank you for visiting our website and we are ready for your call if you live in these areas below. Have a blissful day.

  • `Ajab Shir
  • Abadan
  • Abadeh
  • Abdanan
  • Abhar
  • Abrisham
  • Abyek
  • Aghajari
  • Ahar
  • Ahvaz
  • Akbarabad
  • Aleshtar
  • Aligudarz
  • Alvand
  • Alvand
  • Amol
  • Arak
  • Ardabil
  • Ardakan
  • Ardestan
  • Asadabad
  • Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh
  • Astara
  • Azadshahr
  • Azadshahr
  • Azna
  • Babol
  • Babolsar
  • Bafq
  • Bahar
  • Bam
  • Bandar Abbas
  • Bandar-e Anzali
  • Bandar-e Genaveh
  • Bandar-e Lengeh
  • Baneh
  • Bardaskan
  • Bardsir
  • Behbahan
  • Behshahr
  • Bijar
  • Birjand
  • Bojnurd
  • Bonab
  • Borazjan
  • Borujen
  • Borujerd
  • Bukan
  • Bushehr
  • Chabahar
  • Chalus
  • Chenaran
  • Damavand
  • Damghan
  • Darab
  • Darreh Shahr
  • Dehdasht
  • Dehloran
  • Delijan
  • Dogonbadan
  • Dorcheh Piaz
  • Dowlatabad
  • Eqbaliyeh
  • Esfarayen
  • Falavarjan
  • Fannuj
  • Fareydunshahr
  • Farrokh Shahr
  • Farsan
  • Fasa
  • Fereydunkenar
  • Firuzabad
  • Fuman
  • Gerash
  • Golpayegan
  • Gonabad
  • Gonbad-e Kavus
  • Gorgan
  • Hamadan
  • Harsin
  • Hashtpar
  • Hashtrud
  • Ilam
  • Iranshahr
  • Isfahan
  • Istgah-e Rah Ahan-e Garmsar
  • Javanrud
  • Juybar
  • Kahriz
  • Kalaleh
  • Kamyaran
  • Kangavar
  • Karaj
  • Kashmar
  • Kazerun
  • Kelishad va Sudarjan
  • Kerman
  • Kermanshah
  • Khalkhal
  • Khark
  • Khash
  • Khomeyn
  • Khomeyni Shahr
  • Khorramabad
  • Khorramdarreh
  • Khorramshahr
  • Khowy
  • Khvansar
  • Kish
  • Kuhdasht
  • Langarud
  • Mahabad
  • Mahdishahr
  • Mahriz
  • Malard
  • Malayer
  • Marand
  • Marivan
  • Mashhad
  • Masjed Soleyman
  • Mehran
  • Meybod
  • Miandoab
  • Minab
  • Mohr
  • Nahavand
  • Najafabad
  • Naqadeh
  • Nashtarud
  • Nazarabad
  • Neka
  • Neyriz
  • Neyshabur
  • Nikshahr
  • Nowshahr
  • Nurabad
  • Nurabad
  • Omidiyeh
  • Orumiyeh
  • Oshnaviyeh
  • Padegan-e Manjil
  • Parsabad
  • Pasargad
  • Pasragad Branch
  • Paveh
  • Piranshahr
  • Pishva
  • Qa'en
  • Qahderijan
  • Qarah Zia' od Din
  • Qarchak
  • Qasr-e Qand
  • Qazvin
  • Qeshm
  • Qom
  • Qorveh
  • Quchan
  • Rafsanjan
  • Ramhormoz
  • Ramshir
  • Rasht
  • Ravar
  • Rehnan
  • Robat Karim
  • Rudsar
  • Sabzevar
  • Salmas
  • Sanandaj
  • Saqqez
  • Sarakhs
  • Sari
  • Sarpol-e Zahab
  • Saveh
  • Semirom
  • Semnan
  • Shadegan
  • Shahin Dezh
  • Shahrak-e Emam Hasan
  • Shahrak-e Pabedana
  • Shahr-e Babak
  • Shahre Jadide Andisheh
  • Shahr-e Kord
  • Shahriar
  • Shahrud
  • Sharifabad
  • Shiraz
  • Shirvan
  • Shush
  • Shushtar
  • Sirjan
  • Sonqor
  • Susangerd
  • Tabas
  • Tabriz
  • Tafresh
  • Taft
  • Takab
  • Takestan
  • Taybad
  • Tehran
  • Tonekabon
  • Torbat-e Heydariyeh
  • Torbat-e Jam
  • Varamin
  • Yasuj
  • Yazd
  • Zabol
  • Zahedan
  • Zanjan
  • Zarand
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