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  1 December 2021


Warmest greetings and welcome to Emporio Architect's website. Emporio Architect is an architect consultant and designer that provides private, commercial and public building design services such as luxury home, minimalist home, private villas, bungalows, guesthouses, shops, clinics, pharmacies, mosque, restaurants, cafe, elite residential, apartments, offices, campus, mall, hotel, resort, boutique and others. During our 15 years career, Emporio Architect has produced more than 1000 designs that are spread not only domestically in Indonesia but also abroad, such as Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia and most countries in Southeast Asia. We serve online and offline designs where 80% of our designs are completed through online meetings without meeting face to face, not even once.

This proves that Emporio Architect is a professional, experienced and trusted architect consultant because it can complete designs both with and without direct meetings with clients, thus showing how capable we are in creating fantastic design even though the discussion and presentation process is entirely done online. Not only that Emporio Architect is able to complete the design satisfactorily, either with direct meetings several times or 100% only through online meetings, Emporio Architect also provides a complete design package with a variety of bonuses.

Emporio Architect as an online architect service in Brunei ensures that every design result is aesthetic, economical, sturdy and buildable without problems. As one of the most affordable architecture firms in Brunei, Emporio Architect offers reasonable design prices without ignoring the quality of the design and not worrying about direct meetings cost.

"Planning and Realize Your Healthy, Safe, Lovely and Comfortable House with Emporio Architect"
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  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Residence Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm & Dormitory Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Hostel Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Office Design
  • School/College Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Shopping Mall/Mini Market Design
  • Salon/Spa Design
  • Restaurant/Cafe Design
  • And Many Others


Emporio Architect has now arrived in Brunei and ready to bring happiness through our outstanding architecture design. Brunei is a country that is known to be very prosperous because of its success in managing natural resources, namely oil and gas, so that it can boost the economy of the country. A renowned business and financial magazine "Forbes" also places Brunei as the fifth richest country in the world.

Providing free access to education to its citizens and able to increase human resources shows that Brunei is a developed country and ready to be explored on our architecture journey. Emporio Architect is one of few architect consultants in Brunei to support the architecture development and serve the needs of the lovely people of Brunei who seek professional architectural design services. As straightforward online architecture design services in Brunei, Emporio Architect has various advantages to give, including the following:


Emporio Architect as an Online Architect Service is able to complete designs with good results and satisfaction without having a direct meeting. Is it possible? This is the main advantage of using Emporio Architect as your consultants. Generally, architects and clients need to do at to conduct direct meetings or meet in person to discuss design more clearly and in detail. This is because the initial meeting is very important and vital, especially because both parties need to have intense discussions and presentations of design concepts in order to have a clear direction and design goals. Emporio Architect, as an architect consultant, is able to provide architectural design services with amazing design results without direct meetings or entirely online from the beginning. By utilizing various technologies and applications such as WhatsApp group chat, video call, Skype, Zoom, TeamViewer and others, our architects can conduct online meetings with clients and stay connected to communicate, discuss and present design concepts. Another advantage for you is that you do not need to waste money, time and energy to buy plane tickets and travel to visit Emporio Architect's office to meet with our architects.


Go ahead and click on 'Prices and Procedures' section on the Emporio Architect website top menu to access information about the cost of our architect design services, payment procedures, work systems, detailed design drawings that you will receive. We always maintain Emporio Architect's pride as an honest, open, transparent and trustworthy architect consultant. With 14 years of experience designing and offering relatively low-priced design services. We guarantee that every client will obtain a design that satisfies and exceeds your expectations. Moreover, our architects can also help designs to be as economical as ever according to the budget you have prepared beforehand (design based on budget). If budget never slips on your mind, our architect will create super magnificent designs and maximize your budget smartly (design based on demand).


To secure the improved progress of our service and customer satisfaction, Emporio Architect also provides a generous and complete drawing package in the form of architectural drawings, structural drawings and MEP drawings (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing). Each picture is done carefully by each expert to produce a detailed and credible design. Every structural drawing are calculated and analyzed directly by experienced civilian experts and the design is resulted to be safe, sturdy and easily understood by contractors. Not only that, there are other bonuses like interior design 3D suggestion, 3D building videos with a duration of ± 2 minutes, calculation and analysis of the Estimated Budget Plan for development, as well as unlimited revisions on the appearance and free consultations.


One of Emporio Architect's advantages is the visualization of 3D design images that looks very stunning. By utilizing advanced technology and the latest software, our modeling & rendering team does their best to produce realistic design 3D images that look real and unbelievable. Our clients can foresee the property as if the construction has been finished only by looking at the design results. This same 3D realistic design also functions as a reference, foundation or benchmark when the development process is already underway. Emporio Architect has a skillful modeling & rendering team that specializes in designing 3D images and can be considered as experts. 3D images with realistic visualization will be very helpful and useful as for the constructor to avoid fatal deficiencies.


For 15 years, Emporio Architect has successfully developed the company and expanded its service coverage by opening several branch offices. At present, there are 5 offices and physical studios owned by Emporio Architect. These offices are located in Bali-Indonesia, Jakarta-Indonesia, Bandung-Indonesia, Yogyakarta-Indonesia and Bengaluru-India. That way, we can provide better service to local and international clients. If you want to see us, you can freely visit one of our offices and studios that are closest to your location. These five offices and studios have clear addresses and are in an easily accessible area. Not only that, to facilitate services for those who are outside the reach of offices such as in Brunei, we also provide other options without bothering to have a visit to our office for face-to-face meetings directly at the office. With advances in technology, we also use WhatsApp, video calls, Skype to TeamViewer to communicate and have meetings by online; hence distance does not become a barrier to the communication process. Keep in mind that Emporio Architect also has a direct visit service, where our architects will travel to your home with additional charges such as visit fee, accommodation and plane tickets.


One design project will be handled and managed by 4 architects, namely 1 principal architect, 1 intermediate principal architect, 1 chief architect team and 1 junior architect. Not only that, these four architects will work hand in hand and monitor each other's development of the design process while communicating with clients via WhatsApp group chat so that the design results match what the client wants. For fresh ideas, clients are welcomed to invite any members of friends, colleagues and families to collaborate with Emporio Architect's team. By handling this, we ensure that every single one of our clients get the absolute best service with a skilled and experienced architect team so that the design results are satisfactory.


Do you happen to know someone that says building design using the service of an architect must be expensive and the completion takes way too long? That certainly does not apply if you use the service of Emporio Architect. We set design prices that are relieving, affordable and reasonable, given our various achievements and various experiences in the realm of architecture, 15 years and counting to be exact. Not only that, our architect team works well, adapts quickly and efficiently so that each design project can be completed within 2-4 months depending on the conditions and the size of land and building. Amazingly, we can make a design according to the client's wishes and adapted it to the client's budget. We are always ready to design your building to look magnificent, classy, aesthetic, functional and comfortable by using luxurious yet inexpensive materials. This is a service that you should look forward to.


Dream buildings always start with the smallest steps and you will never know how grateful you will be in the near future. Do you live in Brunei and want your dream building realized? We are more than pleased to give you our best service and you can start consulting with the best online architect service in Brunei right now. Book us today if you are situated in these regions.

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