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Architect in Bangalore / Bengaluru - India

Bangalore Architect, Emporio Architect is a vast growing architectural company based in Jakarta-Indonesia that has over 777 designs done and satisfied customers. Established in 2006, we have provided the best architectural designs that specializing in designing houses, private houses, villas, residential and other commercial buildings such as shop houses, campuses, apartments, spas, offices, shophouses, boarding houses, guest houses, villa complexes, to hotels. Our global brand has slowly taken steps outside Indonesia with India as the next abroad destination.  Along with our main goal to create and provide the perfect designs that fulfil and exceed our customers’ expectations. With our service, there’s no need to limit your dream house designs.

Then, why do you need an architecture design service? Here are many advantages you will get by choosing Emporio Architect service:

1. Leave Everything to us

First and main reason is that you do not need to bother contemplating about everything. Just simply leave every stone-lifting works to us and the only thing you need to do is sit-back, relax and see the result for yourself.

2. Free Consultation Until Everything is approved

Secondly, we provide an unlimited consultation on your dream design until it meets your approval. You also have the advantage to revise the designs as much as you want. We will not be tired on working to achieve what you really expect from us. Our unmatched expertise is definitely what you’re seeking and the result will speak for itself. Consultation also can be done face-to face of a visit or by video call.

3. No Stress Over Budget and Good Long-Term Investment

Apart of our affordable price that will surely wipe your worries away, we also will assist you to enclose your outcome budget that suits you best. Not to mention, when your construction has finished, the selling value will also increase to your benefit. We will do our best to maximize the potential value for your house to be at the highest. We are truly your win-win solution as there will be any hidden charges that will impact your outcome.

4. 2D drawings to 3D visualization are Designed Neatly and detailed

Our professional work to design a house will get you a neat and detailed design planning. Great concepts, 2D architectural drawings, 2D structure and MEP drawings, 3D visualization and other references will result to a guarantee design drawing can be realized 100% in the actual field of work. Our work is as good as a dream and you will live in your private dreamland.

5. Guaranteed Safety

Accident will tend to happen more if you’re not using the service of professional architects. We are the best solution for you to avoid any mishaps in constructing your house. Every bit of detail must be thoughtful. The worst scenario that could happen to your building without the help of professional architecture is the collapse of your building now becomes a possibility. To avoid this kind of accidents, we as professionals also need to discuss the matter with the construction’s experts before executing the design.

6. Creative and Out-of-the-box Solution for efficiency

One of the perks to be professional architectures is our way of solving problems with solutions that will blow your mind. Our creative thinking is one among many reasons you should use our service. We will help you to provide and the best efficiency to live in your future house based on our education and experiences. In designing a house, an architect will consider the location layout and building orientation so that it can streamline energy use in the home. For example, optimizing natural lighting and air circulation in the house. So that it can suppress the use of lights and more crucially the usage of air conditioners.

Why India, then? Many of our customers from India have requested our existence to serve this beautiful country that has the largest number of populations. Therefore, ask and you shall receive. Emporio Architect Bangalore have arrived in India due to popular demand. If you happen to live in India especially in wonderful Bangalore, be sure to reach us as soon as you can. we are one of architecture firms in Bangalore that you can trust. We are always available and ready to serve you with open-handed. Greet and welcome Emporio Architect in Bangalore with a call and go book your dream house design with us today!



Regus, World Trade Centre, 22nd floor, Brigade Gateway Campus Unit no 2201, No26/ 1, Dr.RajKumar Road, Malleswaram(W) Bangalore 560055

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  Mr. Calvin Classic House 3 Floors Design - Jakarta
Building Area 1328 m2 , Front Width of Land 20 m
  Mr. Tjusnandar Classic House 2 Floors Design - Bangka Belitung
Building Area 874 m2 , Front Width of Land 90 m
  Mr. Andre Classic House 2 Floors Design - Medan, Sumatera Utara
Building Area 1250 m2 , Front Width of Land 34.5 m
100% Completed Online 
  Mr. Human Classic House 1 Floor Design - Bondowoso, Jawa Timur
Building Area 876 m2 , Front Width of Land 47.95 m
100% Completed Online 
  Mrs. A Classic House 2 Floors Project 849 Design - Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan
Building Area 925.27 m2 , Front Width of Land 64 m
100% Completed Online 
  Mrs. Susana Classic House 3 Floors Design - Tangerang, Banten
Building Area 867 m2 , Front Width of Land 15 m
  Mr. Hendra Classic House 2 Floors Design - Medan
Building Area 1190.54 m2 , Front Width of Land 18.95 m
  Mrs. Suwaty Modern House 4 Floors Design - Jakarta
Building Area 1400 m2 , Front Width of Land 20 m
  Mrs. Endang Classic House 2 Floors Design - Cibubur, Jakarta
Building Area 940 m2 , Front Width of Land 14 m