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If you’re currently living in Bali and want to pursue your dream of building a house, villa, guest house, private house, restaurant, shop or any other, we are available at your service right this second. Emporio Architect has handled over 777 clients from all over the world that live in Indonesia especially Bali with no complaints. It doesn’t matter what size your house is going to be built, we are able to assist you with pleasure. We are currently covering the regions of Denpasar, Canggu, Gianyar, Tabanan, Jimbaran, Kuta, Sanur, Unggasan, Pecatu, Nusa Dua, Klungkung and all the way to Karangasem.

We always prioritize quality above everything else and the result will be precisely what you expect from us. With more than 14 years of experience, we have the ability to suit any of the style your desired house needed to be. Since you live in Bali, it would be perfect to live in a house with tropical style to it. We have several options that you can choose ranging from Villa Bali tropical style, modern tropical style, classic tropical style and Mediterranean tropical style. Apart from the style, it’s also crucial to think of other important aspects of your house such the necessity, efficiency, practicality, simplicity, and most importantly avoiding complicacy.

To dodge from trouble of choosing the right style for you, it’s not difficult to learn this type of style. You’ll be as clear as day to choose one after we break it down for you:

  1. Villa Bali Tropical Style

    This style is for those who want to enjoy the holiday vibe to the fullest in Bali. The elegancy mixed with traditional elements beautifully complement every corner of the building. The Balinese wooden interior as well as exterior strongly lighten up the house with pretty orange lighting all around you. This is the perfect option as your getaway stay.

  2. Modern Tropical Style

    If you are an anti-retro kind of person, you really need to consider modern tropical style as the principal choice for your house. It is a mix between state-of-the art interior, modern wooden furniture and traditional touches of the exterior. One of the pros of this style is the materials are usually cheaper and super easy to find.

  3. Classic Tropical Style

    This style is simple, elegant, excellent, glorious, luxurious and natural. If blending nature with the beauty of an old-fashioned building that has been rejuvenated to look fitting in today’s days and age is your thing, look no further and choose classic tropical style instead. This style building is usually chosen by people who really love the beauty of exterior and interior craftmanship.

  4. Mediterranean Tropical Style

    This style building will give you a fresher look and Bali is the perfect location for Mediterranean tropical style building. If you’re an expat from southwest part of European Peninsula, this style building will surely remind you home. The characteristic of Mediterranean tropical style usually can be felt through its spaciousness with thoughtful air circulation that comes on every part of the building.

Why are we the perfect solution for you? Pure and simple, we understand what you need even before you even know it. Not only that, you will be given these privileges as well:

  1. 2D drawings to 3D visualization are Outlined Flawlessly and Clear

    Our proficient work to create your future house’s design will get you a flawless and point by point plan arranging. Awesome concepts, 2D structural drawings, 2D structure and MEP drawings, 3D visualization and other references will optimize the best result of the design. You will never notice any differences between the design and the actual result of your future house.

  2. It Will Adjust your Budget and Good Value of Investment in the Future

    In order to ensure the certainty of the design’s outcome for customers, we have adjusted the fixed price that will not have any additions to your budget. The prices also adjust to your demand and regulate your financial. Another advantage is that we care so much to your house’s future investment value. It is part of our job to increase the investment aspect to your house.

  3. Our Creative Thinking is the Way to Go

    To solve problems with solutions that are creative and clever is not an easy task to handle. It is one of the reasons you need to use the service of professional architects. Our efficiency and capability to handle and give solutions to your design will leave you amaze.

  4. Safety Reason

    Safety reason is something that you can’t ignore. A lot of aspects that you need to give attention to. With using our service, it is absolutely mandatory to give guaranteed to our customers that your future abode is absolutely durable. It is up to you if you’re willing to take the risk and ignore the safety of your house. Better be safe than later regretting the caution.

  5. Unlimited Number of Revision in Your Favour

    We are patient and passionate to hear your ‘’this and that’’. We provide a free of charge unlimited number of revisions until everything we do earns your green light. We also offer free online consultation or direct consultation in your favour. With that said, the consultation can fit rightly to your busy schedule. Tell us the place and time, we are ready to consult with you.

  6. Free 3D Suggestions for Interiors

    Beside dealing with designs and the exteriors, we also offer free 3D suggestions for the interiors along with the layout and placement. Sofas, beds, cupboards, drawers and other will be placed perfectly. This bonus will also help you decide which type of furniture that you should purchase for your house.

  7. Relax and Enjoy the Result

    By using our service, you have well earned your time relax and let us do the rest. We wholeheartedly will serve and create every little request that you want to add to your design. Rather than working on your own, it’s far easier and more efficient to choose an architect service. Architects do not just draw, but give value and beauty to the building. Moreover, we also think about your comfort, convenience, and patterns of your daily routine.

Have you made up your mind yet? We are more than capable to accomplish any style that complies to your character. The building doesn’t need to be huge, we can create the same style of your house or building’s design to be as minimalist as you want. With many advantages come your way with our service, your house construction will be as smooth as silk. You will not regret it. Give us a call right away and book your dream design.

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