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  1 December 2021


Hello Armenia, Welcome to Emporio Architect’s website. We are hoping that you are our next client in the coming days. Emporio architect is an online architecture firm with more 1000 design portfolios in its glass case of achievements after 15 years of breathtaking service. An experienced architect who’s ready to provide you with a lot of advantages, no matter how big the size of your building is. Fulfilling your high expectations is our main purpose by prioritizing top-notch architectural design.

Emporio Architect is what you need right now if you are in a hurry to start architecture project of private, public or commercial buildings. We are consistent with creating splendid architectural designs that range from private house, residential house, shophouse, guest house, luxurious house, exclusive house, vacation house, bungalow, villas, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and a lot of others. Emporio Architect offers a complete drawing package with consultation availability that includes MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), structural drawings and many other inclusions.

We ensure every one of our clients that the design results are guaranteed sturdy, safe, strong, easy implementation, and have an outstanding aesthetics value. If the chosen constructors are on point, our drawings will definitely improve the smoothness during construction for much faster progress.

"Planning and Realize Your Healthy, Safe, Lovely and Comfortable House with Emporio Architect"
  • Luxury House Design
  • Minimalist House Design
  • Private Villa Design
  • Villa Complex Design
  • Residence Design
  • Bungalow Design
  • Resort Design
  • Hotel Design
  • Shophouse Design
  • Apartment Design
  • Dorm & Dormitory Design
  • Lodge Design
  • Hostel Design
  • Cottage Design
  • Office Design
  • School/College Design
  • Guest House Design
  • Vacation House Design
  • Mosque Design
  • Church Design
  • Shopping Mall/Mini Market Design
  • Salon/Spa Design
  • Restaurant/Cafe Design
  • And Many Others


Buildings are fundamentally important and have been such a crucial part of our lives. Emporio Architect is always pleased to serve our clients no matter where they’re from with the hope that our clients can have a better life quality. Our capability in formulating structural masterpieces reflect on our personal goals that can be joyful clients that we work with. There are important aspects that have become our main objections such as elevating the value of the property’s appearance, luxury value and high aesthetics with insurance for the property’s safety as well as the investment value that will escalate.

It can’t be denied that every building needs the perfect mix of a good architect with the brilliant design planning and good constructors to collaborate. Architects indeed hold the key to make sure that the flow of the property makes perfect sense. Other than that, an architect has the crucial role in planning a design that will be easily implemented, easy maintenance and durable. It seems pricey at first, architect actually helps you save money by creating an energy-saving property which is a leading feature toward a value elevation of the property. Emporio Architect also provides benefits that you can easily get, such as:


Having more than 1000 projects is not an easy journey. There were sweats, tears and years full of dedication to accomplish such wonderful achievement. The process to achieve it has never been flat and we are glad to have established better online architectural service with the simplest consultation. 80% of the projects have been conducted thoroughly online and without direct meetings. Online consultation with our architect’s team can be conducted by video call using WhatsApp Messenger, Skype Messenger or Zoom. The choice is yours. Then, presenting our progress in designing, Teamviewer is needed and mandatory. A WhatsApp group that consists of our 4 architects, our customer service, and the clients themselves will be created for more comfortable discussions. The clients can invite anybody into the group and consultation has never caused severe trouble. Emporio Architect’s team can also visit wherever you are with additional visit fees, plane ticket and accommodation.


Emporio Architect has wandered back and forth to create the best looking and ageless architectural designs to shape a building to reach its greatest potential. Applying the perfect concept and style is an advantage for an additional value as well as pulling interests once the building is up on the market. Since the property market is always on high waves, this can be considered a brilliant strategy to easily win the market at a high price. Other than that, applying one these styles certainly elevate the level of aesthetic and comfort value to the building, since it’s going to be lived for a long time. For 15 years full of experience and excellent creations, Emporio Architect has created four well-loved architectural styles among clients. These four styles are Emporio Architect’s Classic style, Modern style, Bali Villa style and Mediterranean style. All styles are very recommended and highly wanted.


It can’t be denied that technology is taking control of almost everything nowadays. Acquiring the latest rendering & modelling technology is definitely a help to support our proficient work to formulate a building design structural plan that’s flawless and precision. Not only the technology but the people behind the screens are also highly intelligent to create the most realistic structural drawing, technical drawing, MEP drawing, 3D image visualization and other drawings that will provide the best result of the design. It’s going to be very helpful references for constructors to execute the development of the property. Emporio Architect also forms a 4-tier architect system for that is being handled. This is proof that Emporio Architect always puts 100% effort to satisfy our clients all around the world. These four architects involved a leading architect as well as Emporio Architect’s owner, an intermediate architect, a senior architect, and a junior architect.


Our long journey will not be possible without our clients and continuity of our hard work to improve. Emporio Architect has grown into a much stronger firm with many added divisions of architects, civils, drafters, interiors, modelling & rendering, research & development team who can’t wait to collaborate with you right now. Our team is credence with full experience and has the skill to fulfil expectations. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are satisfied by providing efficiency to their design. Every division will be directly involved to develop the best design possible. A lot of aspects indeed need to be executed carefully in order to provide the best safety and durability of the property. Every detail needs full attention to guarantee that the property will be durable. We also have the experience to intercept any errors before construction starts. With our architects’ knowledge, the property’s safety is ensured.


Emporio Architect offers an abundance of inclusions in a single architectural design package that loads with inclusions, such as the layout of the room in multiple angles, 3D image visualization, architectural technical drawing, structural technical drawing, ± 2-minutes 3D video of the property, and MEP technical drawing (mechanical, electrical, plumbing). Our clients also have the inclusions of unlimited revisions of the appearance, as well as unlimited online consultations with our architects. If that’s somehow not enough, our team will also provide an estimated budget summary that has been calculated and free 3D suggestions for the interiors that’s completed with the layout and placement of every furniture in the rooms such as couch, bed, kitchen set, cupboard, drawers and others. These suggestions help a lot of clients to decide the type of furniture that they need and purchase to match the property.


There are many occasions where people get discouraged from hiring architect service because of limited budget availability that stops their dream realized. Fortunately, Emporio Architect comes with a fantastic feature that’s very helpful for clients with a limited budget—introducing our budget features; based-on-demand and based-on-budget. Our default and recommended feature are based-on-demand features that provide clients unlimited access to demands and provides creative freedom for our architects to make the best design. Based-on-budget feature is specially made for those with a smaller budget. Upon the earliest consultation, our architects will propose the best budget that fits your pocket. The prices will not have any unnecessary additions and the materials used will be adjusted to your budget. We can ensure that the results will not be noticeable and full of quality.


Emporio Architect as one of the best architectural services Armenia is capable of providing the best online services right now. We are ready to help you accomplish any dream concept that complies with your dream property’s expectation. Any type of building can be realized and can provide massive income if constructed perfectly. Many advantages will come your way and bonuses in a single package service are plenty. Plus, your building can be built faster with super smooth construction. Give us a call right away if you are interested and needed an online architect in one of these Armenia’s regions.

  • Abovyan
  • Akhuryan
  • Alaverdi
  • Aparan
  • Ararat
  • Armavir
  • Artashat
  • Ashtarak
  • Berd
  • Byureghavan
  • Chambarak
  • Dilijan
  • Garrni
  • Gavarr
  • Goris
  • Gyumri
  • Hats'avan
  • Hrazdan
  • Ijevan
  • Kapan
  • Karanlukh
  • Martuni
  • Masis
  • Metsamor
  • Nerk'in Getashen
  • Noratus
  • Noyemberyan
  • Sardarapat
  • Sarukhan
  • Sevan
  • Spitak
  • Step'anavan
  • Tashir
  • Vagharshapat
  • Vanadzor
  • Vardenik
  • Vardenis
  • Vayk'
  • Vedi
  • Yeghegnadzor
  • Yeghvard
  • Yerevan
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