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Prices and Procedures for Architects Design of Residence, Villas, Resort, Hotel & Other Buildings


The following are architect services costs for designing luxury villa complexes or exclusive buildings with very high levels of complexity or difficulty including guest houses, bungalows, resorts, residences, apartments, hotels, luxury condotels, spas, restaurants, government offices, offices, exclusive offices, shopping malls, malls, modern markets, exhibition halls, schools, galleries, museums, campuses, mosques, churches, palaces, embassies, state institutions, and many more.

Building Area 0-300 m2 = 8,000 USD
Building Area >300 m2 = 32 USD / m2
2 USD / m2 SITE
1,600 USD
1-5 Unit = 10% / Unit
5-10 Unit = 5% / Unit
>10 Unit = 2,5% / Unit


  1. 2D Floor Plan Concept (2 Dimensions):
     2D Plan Concept

  2. 3D Modeling Concepts (3 Dimensions):
     3D Modeling Concept

  3. Draft 3D Render Visualization Image (20-50 view):
     3D Exterior Visual Image

  4. Fine Render Visualization Image (Visual Final):
    1. 0-500 m2: get 3 fine rendering views (2 exterior & 1 interior)
    2. 501-1000 m2: get 5 fine rendering views (3 exterior & 2 interior)

     Fine Visual Rendering Images 1

     Fine Visual Rendering Images 2

  5. 3D Exterior & 3D Interior Video (duration +- 2 minutes)
    Emporio Architect Gallery Video 3D Desain

  6. BoQ (Bill of Quantity) Emporio Architect standard building
    Download the BoQ example here

  7. Architectural, Structure & MEP Technical Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing): Download examples of Technical Drawings here

    1. 1st floor plan
    2. 2nd floor plan and many more *(for buildings with two or more floors)
    3. Facade / Front View
    4. Back view
    5. Right-side view
    6. Left-side view
    7. Sections
    8. Ceiling Plan (each floor)
    9. Floor Pattern Plan (each floor)
    10. Keys Frame Plan (each floor)
    11. Frame, Window, and Door Detail
    12. Stairs Details & Stairs Structures
    13. Fence Details
    14. Main Bathroom Details
    15. Foundation and Sloof Plan
    16. Column Plan (each floor)
    17. Beam and Ring Beams Plan (each floor)
    18. Ring Beams Plan on Roof
    19. Portal
    20. Steel Reinforcement Details (Sloof, Beams, Columns)
    21. River Stone / Rock Stone Foundation Details
    22. Footplate / Borepile / Piling Details (adjustable)
    23. Slab details
    24. Pool Details (if available)
    25. Lighting Points, Sockets, Switches, and AC Points Plan for each floor
    26. Clean Water, Dirty Water, Rainwater & Wastewater Installation Plans
    27. Cold Water & Hot Water Installation Plans (if available)
    28. Septic Tank Details
    29. Infiltration Details

    Items that not included (Addressed for Third Party Services):
    1. Licensing Management Services & Making BoQ
    2. Topographic Measurement Services (with theodolite)
    3. Groundwater Test Services (Cone Penetration Test / Cone Penetrometer Test)


    1. The client provides the necessary data in the form of land size/dimensions (scan/softcopy of land certified or measurement results), list of buildings and details of space requirements, and additional services desired. The clients send the data above to us via the Consultation & Order Form or email to or Whatsapp. Otherwise, you can meet directly in our office by making an appointment in advance.

    2. After we receive enough data that we needed, we send submissions based on difficulty level, estimated planned building area, completeness of drawings, additional services needed by the client, also what teams are involved. Submission of Fees includes information on costs, what is included and excluded, stages and methods of payment, individual agreements, and many more.

    3. If the client agrees with the proposed fee, the client then makes a Down Payment (30% of the total design fee) via transfer for:

      1. Location survey and assessment
      2. Consultation and Spatial Planning Services
      3. Style & Ornament Consultation Services
      4. Masterplan Concept Services (For Residences / Residential Complexes, Shopping Complexes, Villa Complexes, or Resort Complexes)
      5. Drafting services for each Building Unit

    Clients make Phase II Payments of 50% of the total design fee for make 3D model:

    1. 3D Model Image (SketchUp version)
    2. Exterior 3D Render Image

    Clients make Phase III Payment of 20% of the total design fee for creating technical drawings:

    1. Making 3D Interior Visual Render Image of each Room
    2. Making 3D Exterior & Interior Final Render Images for a particular spot
    3. Making Video 3D Exterior & Interior
    4. Making Architectural Technical Drawing
    5. Making Structure Technical Drawing
    6. Making MEP Technical Drawing
    7. Making BoQ (Bill of Quantities)
    8. Submission of design results. The design results are bound A3 printouts and softcopy on DVD / CD.

    When the client has received all the files, then the Design stage is declared complete. For the next step, the client is ready to tender or use the services of the contractor as chosen.